Chapter 3.2 : Two Proposals (part 2)

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Hui Yin is awake when I go back to bed. I almost don't notice, as I didn't turn on the lights when I came into the room. Also I was preoccupied with thinking about Kate. Specifically, how she rejected my suggestion of a temporary marriage between us. I have a rather big ego and would never admit to anyone that I'm still sore from having been rejected so firmly. Kate had her back to the wall, looking terrified like a telenovela heroine about to be ravished by the rich villain who had forced her into marriage.

"Raul..." Hui Yin purrs my name as I slide into bed.

"I'm sorry, did I wake you?" I whisper.

She moves over me and drops a kiss on my bare chest. "I've been waiting for you."

I smile. "Have you now?"

Her lithe, athletic body feels good on top of me. This is it. This is my last night of freedom before I tie the knot with someone — a stranger, most likely — and all my sexual activities are tied up in confidentiality agreements and secrecy. As far as last flings go, Hiu Yin is a spectacular choice. While I've met Destiny for the first time tonight, Hiu Yin and I have fallen into bed a handful of times in the last three years, as she comes to Boston once or twice a year. Sex with her is always a hot and mind-blowing experience. Now that I have her here, I intend to make hard, furious love to her until morning.

"Is something wrong?"

I look up to see her staring at me curiously.

Her long, black hair gleams in the moonlight streaming through my windows. Despite just rising from bed— and having been made love to for hours before that — she barely looks tousled.

"No," I say. "You're here now."

She laughs. "Yes, I am." She positions herself between my thighs, her back to me. "But something's happened at work, yes?"

"Yes." I draw her silky hair over one shoulder and she settles against my chest.

"I'd like to ask for details, but I think you'd rather I distract you."

I drop kisses on the side of her neck. "Hmmm... I think I'd like that."

A distraction. Maybe that's just what I need right now. Anxiety is still a heavy lead weight in my chest. I can't help feel a twinge at resentment toward Kate for rejecting my offer. I understand I'm probably not her ideal husband, but the arrangement would only last five years. We wouldn't have anything like a real marriage. And it never occurred to me to demand physical intimacy from her, if that's what she's afraid of. She would be free to find pleasure elsewhere, as would I. We're both able to be discrete. In the years she's worked for me, I've never gotten a whiff of her personal life. Does she even like men? Her sexual preferences is a mystery to me, as it's not my place to ask about these things.

Not that I haven't wondered once or twice.

I've imagined her naked in my bed. Her normally pulled-back dark hair is untamed, tumbling over bare shoulders. The cool, professional demeanor is gone. She's looking at me not as her boss but as a man about to —

"I think you may have forgotten I'm here," Hui Yin says.

God damn it.

"I'm..." I take a deep breath. "I'm sorry, baby."

I look down. She'd been rubbing herself over my barely erect cock to apparently no avail. I groan inwardly.

"Come here," I say, reaching for her. "Let me make it up to you—"

She laughs and shakes her head. "It's fine," she says. "You look like you need sleep more than anything."

"I'm sorry." God, I'm just ruining the night for everyone, aren't I?

"It's all right, Raul." She snuggles up to the sleeping Destiny. "I had a lot of fun tonight. We'll do this again when you're back in the mood."

I take a deep breath, trying to calm my suddenly racing heart. "Hui Yin?" I say softly. This sudden idea really requires more thought but if she falls asleep, it will be too late to ask her again in the morning. Her flight to Hong Kong was leaving before noon and I have no doubt she'd be well gone by the time I wake up.


"Will you marry me?"

There is a long silence. Even before she replies, I already recognize that asking the question was a mistake.

"No, sorry."

The relief I feel is incredible. All right. Sorry. Good night."

If I'd taken the time to think this impulsive decision through, I would have remembered that Hiu Yin's parents would never agree to her marrying an American. It was entirely out of the question. And deep down I know that she would never seriously consider me for anything more than an occasional tumble in the sack.

Two marriage proposals in the space of an hour, both rejected.

This is going to be a long week.


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