Chapter 25 : Nothing to Do With Love

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Raul's POV

Defeated, Nico slumps back into his seat.

I try not to show my annoyance. Yandra flirting with Marcus wasn't part of the plan. What the hell is she doing?

"You look like you're having fun," Marcus says dryly.

"Yeah," she says, giggling. "Don't you want to dance?"

"Marcus doesn't dance," Nico grumbles, pouring himself a vodka.

She feigns shock. "Really? And here I thought you were a fun kind of guy."

"Yes, most people have that impression of me."

She throws her head back and laughs. "You're funny. I thought — hey, where are you going?"

Her expression turns to surprise, looking up at me as I get up and take off my jacket. "I'm going to dance," I say, then drop my jacket on my seat. "You coming?" Not waiting for her to reply, I turn away. I catch a glimpse of her scrambling to her feet. As I make my way to the dance floor, I can sense her following me close behind.

As I need privacy, I plunge into the crowd of sweating, gyrating bodies. Soon, I feel Yandra's hand clutch mine behind me. When we are beyond Marcus's and Nico's lines of sight, I turn around and pull her close. She falls into my arms, giggling.

The hard beat of the music is too loud so I pull her close and speak close to her ear. "What was that about?" I say.

"Are you jealous?" she says, snaking her arms around my shoulders.

I smile. "Is that what you wanted?"

"Maybe." She looks up at me with a gaze heavy with desire. "Take me to bed, Raul. Tonight."

"You know I can't. Not yet."

"But you want to." She flashes me a flirtatious smile. "I know you do."

"Nico will be taking you home tonight."

She laughs. "You want me to fuck your cousin?"

I move my mouth closer to her ear. "I want to listen to you fuck my cousin."

"What?" She stares up at me disbelievingly.

"The sooner you seal the deal with him—" I reach up and take her chin between my thumb and index finger. "—the sooner you and I can make our own plans. Isn't that what you want?"

She nods.

"Call me, then put your phone on speaker. Will you do that, mi angel?"

"Yes." She smiles. "Will I see you at Tia Sylvia's at the family lunch this Sunday?"

"Of course." I let my gaze rake over her. "And perhaps soon after that."

Her eyes are lit up with triumph. "I can't wait, baby."

We don't dance very long. But by the time Yandra and I return to our table, I only see Nico sitting alone, looking expectedly morose.

"Gone," he says when I ask him where Marcus is. "He left with a couple of girls."

That information gave me pause. Marcus picking up one woman at a club is unusual enough, now I find out he's picked up two. Not that his personal life is any of my business, but he has been acting odd lately. My mind goes back to the evening I saw him stroll into Roths House with — of all people — Gigi in his arm.

"Sorry, papi," Yandra says, sitting down beside Nico. She hooks an arm into his. Ignoring his surprised reaction, she adds, "You'll take me home, won't you?"

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