Chapter 10 : Honeymoon 🌶🌶🌶

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I'm lost the moment Kate's lips part under mine. Her scent, the feel of her body against my own send my senses reeling. Dios mio, why have we waited so long to explore each other like this? She feels so good in my arms, so right. Her hands slide up my chest then up my neck. Then her fingers move upward to tangle in my hair. I grasp the back of her head, pulling her closer to deepen the kiss.

A harsh moan escapes my throat when she moves her hip against my erection. I'm so hard it hurts. For a heartbeat, I wonder if it would be so wrong to haul her up the dining table, part her thighs and sink inside her as deep as I can go. Thankfully, my desire to do this right, to give Kate the perfect wedding night is stronger than my primal impulses.

She moans softly and her fingers tighten their hold in my hair. It takes effort to pull my lips away from her soft mouth but I can't fight my desperate need to taste her body. I kiss a path from her jaw to her throat, then down to the valley between her breasts.

When my lips touch the top of one breast, she inhales sharply. Her hand tightens its grip on my hair.

"Raul," she whimpers. "What are you doing?"

Her voice is hot and sexy and before could think twice about it, I've yanked one strap of her dress down. "Making love to my wife," I reply. I take one nipple between my lips, flicking my tongue over it.

"Oh fuck," she cries out softly.

That's the idea, cariño.

I would say those words out loud, but my mouth is too busy taking in more of her breast. Her flesh is warm and oh so sweet. The only thought running through my lust-addled brain was the conviction that she is irrevocably mine. I slip a hand under her dress and drag it up her thigh to find she is indeed wearing nothing underneath. Without taking my mouth off her body, I explore her pussy with firm strokes of my fingers.


Her moans trigger all my primal instincts. I fall on my knees in front of her and hook her right leg over my shoulder. I shove my tongue where my fingers have been a few moments before, tasting her warm sweetness like a hungry beast. Her fingers dig into my hair as I kiss her most intimate of places.

"Raul! Oh God!"

She breaks apart all too quickly. Her grip tightens on my hair and I feel her body trembling even as her hips jerk hard, pushing her pussy against my eager mouth.

It's too much for me. With one swift move, I take her up in my arms, garnering a surprised gasp from her. "We're doing this now," is all I can manage to growl out as I carry her into the bedroom.

Kate doesn't say a word as I lay her on the bed. Her heavy-lidded gaze stays on me as I strip out of my shirt and shoes. It lowers to my hands as I unbuckle my belt. Her lips part as I shove my pants and boxers down my legs, exposing my painfully erect shaft. My grin must look absolutely cocky because she shifted her gaze away and bit her lower lip.

"No need for that, darling," I say, getting on the bed. Despite my overwhelming need to sink into my new bride, my first instinct is to grab a condom. I hold still, my body propped on top of hers as I considered our options. My voice is low and thick with desire when I ask, "How long as it been, love?" I got an exam on Sunday, and the results pronounced me clear.

"Uhm..." She hesitates. "Not since my last checkup."

I've known this woman long enough to know she'd be cautious with her lovers. There would be no need for condoms on this honeymoon. But only if...

"Are you—"

She interrupts me by quickly saying, "I'm on the pill, yes."


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