Chapter 35 : Por que la belleza sobra

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Raul's POV

I hold Kate's hand as we're led through the restaurant to our table where Marcus, Gigi, and her cousin are seated.

Marcus gets up first, then Adan Suarez who opens his arms in welcome. "Raul, it's good to see you again," he says.

"Si, it's been a while," I say, shaking his hand. Before I can introduce my wife and her sister, he surprises me.

"It's good to see you again, Kate."

Frowning in confusion, I turn to Kate. She's staring at him, slack-jawed. "It's you!" she says.

"Indeed it is." He offers her his hand 

Her face lights up in a bright smile and she shakes his hand. "I had no idea you were... uh..."

He lifts her hand to his lips, admiration in his gaze. "You're just as beautiful as ever, Señora Marin."

I expected Kate to correct him but all she does is flush in... embarrassment? Pleasure?

"Thank you."

"I see you've met," I say.

For a second I thought they'd forgotten I was there. Then Kate turns to me.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Yes we, uhm, met at the Boston Spring Ball four years ago."

That seems innocuous enough. The BSB is the biggest annual charity event in the city. We attend it every year, and I always insisted that Kate accompany me and my family. I think I have met him there once or twice, but I had no idea that he and Kate got acquainted.

"You've changed your hair," Adan says, his gaze intent. "It suits you."

Her hand flies up to touch her hair self-consciously. "Thanks," she says.

I stare at my wife. Did she just giggle?

"Hello, Gigi," she says, giving my ex a warm smile. "This is my sister Maricar."

"Hi Kate," Gigi says. "Very nice to meet you, Maricar. I hope you don't mind sitting next to Marcus?"

"It's fine, thanks."

To my surprise, Marcus pulls out a chair for Maricar. That's odd. I'd never seen him do that except for elderly women.

"Please," Adan says, pulling out the chair beside Kate.

I glare at him - helping my wife into her seat is my job - but he's too focused on Kate to notice.

"Oh!" She blushes even more as she sits down. "Uh, have you been to the ball since then?"

I sat to her left, on one end of the table, with Gigi across from me. Fortunately, Maricar agreed to come to dinner, which gave enough of a buffer between me and my ex. Kate's sister seems to be on more friendly terms with Marcus than the last time, which is a welcome development.

"Sadly no," Adan says, sitting down. "But I'm in town to meet with the Araceli Gabàs Foundation. We're discussing a possible partnership for education programs in Puerto Rico."

"Oh, that's wonderful," Kate says.

"We're hoping it will be. Are you currently involved in any charity work?"

"Not yet, but I intend to."

"Kate and I have only been married a month," I cut in. "But we will have the church ceremony in September, so she's been busy planning the wedding."

"How wonderful," Adan says.

"I hope you and Gigi could come," Kate says, smiling at Gigi.

"Oh, I wouldn't miss it! Thank you," she says. Her smile grows wider as she turns to me. "You didn't mention the wedding yesterday, Raul."

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