Chapter 13 : Nightcap

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I hurry to the desk and sit down, trying to look busy. The sound of the door closing is followed by that of his footsteps on the hardwood floor. I look up and almost catch my breath at the sight of Raul. He looks weary, but his smile lights up his face, making him look more handsome than I've ever seen him before. "Hi," I say, my voice breathless.

"Hello," he says. When he reaches me, for a second I think he's about to lean down to give me a kiss. To my disappointment, he just rests one hand on the back of my chair and the other on the desk. Peering at my computer, he says, "I see you've been busy."

"Oh, it's nothing." I feel my face flush a little. "I've been looking for charities I could work with." I smile. "You know, since I don't have a job anymore."

"Hmmm. Did you find any you like?"

"A few. I'll go over them with you before I make my final decision."

"I'm sure you'll be better at picking them than I am. I'll be on board with anything you decide."


He straightens and looks around the suite. "Have you had dinner?"

"Yes. What about..." I falter when he starts loosening his tie. God, how does he manage to make such a simple gesture look so sexy? I stop myself before I started to picture him stripping off his jacket, then slowly unbuttoning his shirt. "Er, what about you?"

He nods. "I'm going to take a shower, okay?"

I swallow. Now all I can think about is how very naked he will be in the shower. Stop it, Kate. "Okay."

"Don't go anywhere." He winks before turning around to head to his bedroom.

I stare at his retreating back, slack-jawed. Where does he think I'm going to go at ten in the evening? Shaking my head as though the movement could get rid of the imagery of Raul's — my husband's — lean, hard, naked body under a spray of hot water, I return my attention to the website on my computer screen. Right. I'm looking at charitable causes. This one was a non-profit that does river cleanups. Definitely one we can consider.

Raul and the company already support a few charities. But for some reason, I want him and I to do something on our own as a couple. We might even have to offer to host a few fundraisers. Good thing I've already helped organize a few during my stint as Raul's assistant.

I write down my notes in a spiral notebook. While I worked for Raul, I did all my planning and notes on digital files. But that was only because that made it easier for me to share files with the two other assistants under me, and sometimes with Raul. Still, I prefer using paper notebooks, specifically the ones I bought from Japanese stationery shops. They have such lovely paper. And since I will be the only one working on this — at least for the time being — I can be as analog as I want to be.

The sound of luggage being rolled over the floors makes me look up. "What are you doing?" I say, frowning at the sight of Raul moving my things. I get to my feet and follow him to the master bedroom.

"I don't know why you just assumed I would take this room," Raul says, not breaking his stride. "If you insist on having separate rooms, you'll take this one and I'll sleep in the other." His hair is damp from the shower and he's dressed in a plain white shirt and grey sweatpants.

I try to ignore the way the shirt clings lovingly over his toned arms and chest. "Seriously, Raul, this isn't necessary," I say, sighing. I haven't unpacked, so most of my things were still in my bags. Maybe if I did, he would have just accepted the room assignments because it would be too much bother to swap the contents of our closets. I follow him to the dressing room where he sets my luggage down.

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