-Sai Its All In The Wrist--Lemon--

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INFO: Tilee Shuna

Personality: Quiet, not shy at all, Loves colors, easy going.

Like's: Sai

Dislike's: Ino, annoying whore...

Past: Nothing you wouldnt know... chunin exams, been in the leaf her whole life.

Live's with only my mother.

Age 15:


I felt this light apon my face, as I slowely saw that it was morning. I stared into the light hoping that, the sun was lying to me. I pulled the blanket over my face, trying to block the light that blinded me. I heard my door open, I squeezed my eyes shut knowing it was my mother annoyed that I slep till Noon, just like every other day. I dont get why she wont give up, I do this all the time anyways, ever since I turned thirteen. She never gives up, its something I admire about her but also hate.

"Tilee get up I need a favor C'mon please hunny for me?" She said. I mumbled hoping she thought I was asleep. I heard her leave, and I rested my eyes once more. I felt her presence again, she stomped into my room. I all of a sudden felt this coldness.

"Ahhhhhh MOM!! Jesus crist!! Do you mind?!!" I yelled getting out of my now, wet bed. She laughed and stood up putting her bucket down.

"I need you to go to the Yamanaka's Flower shop, I need new flowers for the table, its looking dull." She said leaving the room. I grew a vein Hearing her last name, made me sick.

I went into the shower, warm thank god, I was shivering from the sudden cold. I saw my mother at the table reading the paper, she looked up at me smiling.

"Are you warm now dear?" She snickered as she got up and handed me my breakfast, well more like lunch I guess. I swallowd it down fast, trying to get the day over with, she handed me a peice of paper with the name of the flower on it. Daffle dills, yay for her.

"Be sure to get the right ones, knowing you, youll lose the paper. Be sure to say hi to Ino for me." She smiled and pushed me out the door. This is stupid, what did I get myself into? Apparently I have no choice, but still ughh. I reached The Yamanaka's Flower shop, and just seeing the sign made me want to back out, but I had to show no fear, she's no threat to me. I walked in hearing the weird bell showing that theres a costomer. I immediatily saw Ino with a guy? she seemed like she was flirting, I smirked and ran up to her.

"Hey Ino Who's this?" Hey I can be a fake bitch too, I saw her face go from happy to shock. My smirk grew and I giggled acting cute, im amazing at this.

"This is Sai..." She said slightly confused im being nice to her for once, she soon realized what I was looking at. This is guy Sai was interesting, He was wearing all black and grey, he had black hair, and sexy eyes. I blushed slightly, noticing he was smiling at me. I saw Ino grow a vein, she pushed me.

"He's mine back off!!" She yelled, the whole store heard her, how nice make a fool of yourself quite attractive. I laughed at her as she showed her stupidity. I gave her a smile and cocked my head to the side.

"I dont know what your talking about Ino?" I Then gave her the peice of paper.

"My mom wants What ever the hell there called could you please?" She gave me a glare and walked away fast knowing what I was gona do. I turned to the boy that seemed slightly confused to what was going on, which I found adorable.

"Hey im Tilee its nice to meet you Sai, are you new here?" I asked trying to start a convo, he seemed like he was interested, I hope.

"Uhh well kinda, what about you? How long have you lived here?" He asked smiling down at me. I felt excitement in my stomach.

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