--Naruto Lemons-- (EDITING)

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INFO: Masuki Dunaha
Personality: Cranky kinda emo like, complains about almost everything and could care less about people.
likes: Naruto Uzumaki
Dislikes: valentines day and people
past: unknown...
age: 16

Looks: Has pink hair, Blue eyes totally goth looking.

--Naruto Valentines Day Special--Lemon--

   Oh my fucking god people are so fucking annoying.... there awww how cute and aww so sweet and its like kill me now please!!! Today is about the worst day of the year, not because its wednesday, not because its nice out thats the only good part. But only because today was Valentines day. I hated this day because everyone was so extra annoying on this day. So I woke up and got dressed, brushed my teeth brushed my hair, ate my breakfast and cleaned the house. Opened my door to see lovey crap on my door step, I hate flowers, I kicked them inside and locked my door and started to Lady Tsunade's Office. I need to to do something that will get my mind off this living hell. But to tell you the truth, I only started hating Valentines day because I was deeply in love with Naruto Uzumaki. Everytime I say his name I'm off in day dream world, like a fantasy that I hope I never leave. However, every year it was Valentines day I always hoped that he would send me something or ask me out, he always seemed to get Sakura Huruno something instead of me. So I started hating Valentines day and hoping it would just stop coming but it always came. So I knocked on Lady Tsunade's door. I heard a light "come in" and opened the door. Seeing the huge smile on her face made me want to vomit, she knows what I have come for, which was a mission. I sliently prayed she had one. She stood and put her hands down on the table, her smile faded.

   "I have a mission for you, its quiet easy but its all I have for today." She paused and started again. "Look at this note, its a riddle there are three other notes you haft to find, this is a rank D mission get to it." I nooded.
   "Hai!" I walked out of the room and opened the envolope.

   'If you want to carry on then make sure you DRAG on' I looked at the word drag, it was in huge letters so I sat down and thought about the riddle. It was starting to make my head hurt, then I realized SHIKA!!! 'what a drag' was his favorite line. I started off to his house and gently knocked on the door, his father answerd.

   "Oh hello ill get Shikamaru..." He said leaving the door opened, I stood there waiting paitenly and the Shika came into view. He stared a minute and then took something out of his pocket it seemed like it was the next clue. 
   "Here congrats you found the next clue, here take it,  just hurry so I can get back to my nap Temari's coming over later..." He said as I rolled my eyes and grabbed it.

'The curse mark' thats all it said. God this was even harder. Now im gona use Shika's line!!! WHAT A DRAG!! This is terrible... I looked at it again realzing it meant Anko or Sasuke Uchiha. So I decided to start going to Anko's house. I knocked on her door and no one was answering. God damn it!!!! I sat down waiting but no was coming. Ughhhhhh!! So then I started thinking it couldnt be Anko, there had to be somthing more to the riddle. Well Sasuke was left so I couldnt see him for the riddle so there had to be something from somewhere they were together, Somehow... So I thought harder. God this is fucking annoying. I punched a large tree and it fell over landing on another tree. I then started to realzie it must have something to do with the chunin exams...yes thats it!! The Forest of Death!!! I started running as fast as I could because it was starting to get dark out it was mid day also 3pm... I finally made it there and started to look around. I couldnt find the note. It had to be somewhere damn it! I ran to the place where the boarders were and saw a note on the fence YES! I snatched it and landed lightly on the ground.

'Practice makes perfect' I thought a moment. It had to be the traning feild right? So I made my way there and saw the note on a tree. This is great this means I finished. I looked at the note, it was another riddle but it really wasnt...

'Go to Naruto's house' I was really confused and started there, it was now dark out, it was slightly cold I was shivering. I saw the lights in Naruto's house on and his door was open. I got alarmed and jumped in. I saw the lights were dimmered and candles everywhere.... and I saw roses and and rose peddles everywhere... this is weird what the hell...? I heard humming in his kitchen and I slowly walked in. It was Naruto making Ramen. I giggled and he turned around caught off gaurd. He then smiled when he saw me. I blushed seeing him like this, it was adorable. He beckoned me to sit down in the kitchen chair and I slowly made my way to the chair and sat down still slightly confused. I waited till he sat with me to ask.

   "Whats is all this...?" i asked looking all around and then saw him blushing. "This is amazing.." i drifted to what i call lala land, and i felt him touch my hand, i snaped my my head around seeing him take it away at my reaction. i smiled, poking his nose as he laughed.
   "All this is for you..." he started off, i blushed so red i think i almost fainted. he snickered. "Well ive been wanting to tell you something for a really long while... and i hope you feel the same..." he said to me i thought a minute and new... he likes me like i like him. i grabbed his hand, he seemed shocked.
   "I like.... no i love you Naruto-kun..." i said rubbing his pale hand watching his reaction. he blushed and then smiled brightly at me letting go of my hand and touching my face. i closed my eyes feeling my senses and my face heat up to his touch. i opened seeing him come closer to me, he then stopped half way waiting for my permission. i then went the rest of the way feeling the static electricity run up my spine. i grabbed his hair twirling it threw my soft fingers. as he held his hands lightly apon my waist. he brought me closer sliding me in my chair pulling me on his lap. i smirked into the kiss as my legs were on either side of him and grinding against him he moaned loudly i took the advantage to slide my tounge in. he moaned louder and grabbed my upper thigh sliding his hands up and down. i moaned softly as i reached for his shirt he stopped and watched as i tugged apon it. he smirked at me and snickered. i pouted giving him a puppy dog face and he laughed more and tugged at my shirt i smiled at him taking it off and then taking off his. he then went for my open fleshed neck and started making his mark. i yelped as he bit me and sucked the blood dry. we kept this going and i felt myself being lifted off the chair and landed on a comfy surface i looked around and saw that it was his bedroom. i smiled and stopped him from kissing my neck and i kissed his lips as pashionatly as i could. he started going for my bra and taking it off slowly as he reached for my shorts, i moaned again as he rubbed my clit from under my panties, licking my new revealed skin sucking apon my nipple. i moaned as he ripped off my panties and stopped to look at me, he was sweating and so amazingly sexy, panting and seeing his large member threw his pants starting to rise. i blushed as he kissed me gently. i reached for his pants and unbuttoned then started to rub his member threw his underwear. he moaned and slamed his eyes shut filling pleasure threw his brain. i took of his underwear and licked him gently on his tip and he thrusted forward and it went deeper into my mouth... i was reaching my climate and i believe he was too. i stopped as regained control and he slambed me on the bed.
   "Are you ready?" he asked threw his panting. i nodded and lightly rubbed his cheek he smiled and thursted inward. i screamed grabbing his shoulders and tears ran down my face he kissed my cheek rubbing my back and took it out.
   "It will get better i promise..." i nodded as he thursted and again i grabbed his shoulders again then feeling slight pleasure as i fell backward onto the bed. he kept going and going. i moaned and grabbing the sheets grinding against him for more pleasure. again and again untill we were done. he plopped down beside me grabbing my waist pulling me toward him.
   "I love you too Masuki-chan..." he said i smiled as planted a small kiss apon my cheek. he then jumped upscreaming and running into the kitchen. i got up slowly reaching for a sheet and followed him. i caughed there was smoke everywhere... i saw Naruto sitting at the table with no clothes on i walked up to him he seemed upset.
   "What's wrong Naruto-kun?" i asked he looked over at a cake that was on the counter. i walked over to it i saw frosting i love frosting!! i grabbed some on my finger and put some on Naruto;s nose.
   "It seems fine to me." i licked my finger as he watched me and smirked at me. Naruto got up and kissed me pashionatly on my lips.
   "Dont ever leave me..." i smiled.
   "Never...ever..." he then kissed me again, that was the best Valentines day i have ever had...

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