-Suigetsu "You found me"--Lemon--

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Name: Ukata Heyashi 

Rank: Mist joinnin  

Likes: Suigetsu Houzki 

Dislikes: life.... Red heads 

Past: left the mist to find her lost friend Suigetsu that had been taken to Orochimaru. At the age of thirteen, she became a rouge ninja. 

Personality: jokes around a lot, fun, funny, a bit shy at times. Outgoing, loud, short tempered.


It was always me and you, us two, and the water of course. But everything changed one day; when you suddenly disappeared. I was alone. Me, myself and I. For the longest time I've searched and searched for you, but I never even came close to finding you. I'm sixteen now, you should be seventeen. You probably changed so much since I last saw you, you probably look so different. What if.. You have forgotten about me? I can only pray you haven't, and hope for the best.  

I remember the good old days hanging at our usual spot fishing around being stupid... 


"Hey Ukata?" I looked over at my young teal haired friend as he showed his sharp toothy smile at me.  

"Yes?" He smiled evilly, splashing water into my eyes. Thats how our fights always started. I attacked him head on not caring how strong he was, I knew he was stronger then me; I didn't care. He always ended up going easy on me anyways.. Which only made me mad.  


I smiled to myself at the sight of my memory. I missed him, I missed him so much. His teal hair that hung right above his broad shoulders, his purple eyes that made my heart jump out of my chest every time he looked at me, his goofy toothy grin he always gave me, me only. After a moment I realized the pools of water streaming down my face but paid them no mind as a trotted or maybe stumbled through the forest to find my long lost friend. As I made my way through the forest I couldn't help but question my actions, and drawing horrifying conclusions to only scare myself. But the one that scared me the most was 'What if he's dead..' My heart ached at that word, 'Dead'. That word only seems to follow me places even when I have stayed in one place for a long time I always ended up losing someone that was nice to me or someone that would always say hello when I'm passing through there village. It saddened me, to my very core. 

"Please don't be dead.." I whispered stumbling towards a tree that seemed so familiar to me. I was exhausted, from traveling place to place. I could hardly keep my eyes open at this point. I smiled to myself remembering this very free I was leaning on. This very tree, was our tree, and with those words I fell into a pit of blackness.  

"You know her?" I heard a deep voice talking but I kept my eyes shut to listen to what they are saying.  

"Yeah... I do." The voice was also deep but different than the other. I heard movement and then silence.  

"Is she dead?" I heard a woman also in the picture, she practically screamed my ears off.  

"Quiet the hell down Karin! Your going to wake her!" The boy seamed angry. I decided I couldn't play sleep anymore, I wanted to know who these people were. I slowly opened my eyes and thought my eyes deceived me so. I saw a man with dark black hair a woman with bright red hair and that teal hair I could never forget. My eyes grew wide as my vision blurred, I couldn't get out any words except wails of crying out. But I wouldn't dare go close to him not yet.  

"Ukata are you okay?" His voice has changed so much, I keep thinking this is all a dream, and that I'm losing my mind. But I opened my eyes and closed them and repeated, the same teal haired man was standing before me with his purple pools pouring into my blues ones. I shifted wiping my eyes trying to gain some sort of understanding of my surroundings.  

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