--Shikamaru Christmas Special--Lemon--

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Authors Note: Hello fellow readers here is an update for my Naruto Lemons! Wooh! Hope you all find it utterly enjoyable! <3 I do not own The Naruto Characters! 

INFO: Crystal Harai (Ha-Ra-ee)

Personality: A tiny bit shy, stubborn, and a bit girly.

Likes: Shikamaru Nara

Dislikes: Being in small places with a lot of people.

Past: Lost her family in a raid.

Age: 16

Looks: Dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, hair parted more towards the right side, most of the time its worn down. Usually wears a white dress shirt, folded sleeves reaching her mid arm, tucked into her black shorts, with her head band sliding through the belt loops. Cant forget of course black ninja shoes. 


Yes, its the holiday season and I happen to be out shopping with Ino on Christmas Eve. Yeah I know what bad timing... its crazy hectic out here and were right in the middle of it all. It was snowing slightly as we walked the white coated streets of the Hidden Leaf. 

"Hey Crystal, you confess yet or what?" Ino smirked heavily at me while my face tinted pink. I shook my head at her looking away trying to hide my embarrassed face. "Why the hell not, ya baka!" I shrugged my shoulders feeling a little more calm. "No wonder why he was with Temari yesterday, you're taking your sweet time.." I stopped dead in my tracks, what did she just say? I saw her stop to look at me. I shifted my feet and looked up at her.

"What were they doing exactly?" She sighed.

"It looked like they were Christmas shopping together... they kinda looked like they were on a date." She gave me a apologetic look and I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding in. I cant believe this...was it really a date? I shrugged it off and we made our way to Ino's house. I watched her silently as she opened her door.

"Don't share what's rightfully yours, now go get 'em tiger." She winked at me and closed the door behind her. I pondered for a moment about the whole situation, is it even worth it? maybe I should ask him about it. I felt a tap on me shoulder and froze. The familiar scent filling my nose. I turned around and breathed in the scent once more, hot chocolate. 

"Hey, hey! Aw jeez, I think I lost her already." a giggled escaped my lips acknowledging his presence. "You want some or what?" He smiled gently. I nodded grabbing the hot chocolate from his incredibly warm hands.

"Thank you Shika-kun." I smiled at him taking a large sip and savoring the sweet taste. As  I let down the cup I found him still staring at me. My face grew warm looking down. "W-what are y-you doing out here?" I stuttered. Eeeep! Stop it focus! 

"Ehh just got some marshmallows for mom, what a pain." I shivered lightly as a breeze flew passed us, the wind was quite strong. my bags flew with the wind almost bringing me with them. Shika grabbed my arm holding me. His hands they are so warm. I took a glance at his face which was much closer then I thought it was. Instinctively trying to back up, he pulled me closer to him. My face was burning. I could feel his slow steady breathing against his chest and me well I couldn't breathe. He slowly pulled away and I pouted slightly as the cold attacked the newly warmed skin. He let out a laugh and I realized I was still pouting. "You cold?" I nodded feeling a little embarrassed again. "What a drag.. here give me some of your bags." He sighed taking the majority. "Lets get ya home you're shivering.." 

We walked in silence. I wasn't sure if it was the good kind of silence or the bad. I sipped again on the hot chocolate, breathing steady and walked up to my house. Finally arriving, I took out my keys and opened the door inviting Shika inside. We walked directly to my kitchen and put the bags on the table. 

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