-Shino Butterflies and Different days--Lemon--

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INFO: Nahina Yamiha
Personality: Quiet, deep, kind, shy when it comes to being around people... polite, delicate and sweet.
Like's: Shino Aburame
Dislike's: She doesnt seem to have any dislikes she like almost everything.. but not snakes...
Past: Nahina and her family is the last of thier kind, her and her family have been threw alot, youll find out in the story/lemon.
Siblings/Family: Tenma, little sister,10. Techi, Big Brother,18. Mother, Blaze,38.
Age: 16

Looks: Blonde, Dark looking, Blues eyes, has wings and wears alot of black...


   Well, today was like every other day, I wake up then get in the shower. See my sister running around yelling cause shes late for school. Then my Brother fleeing out the door to see his Girlfriend, and yeah me I just go to the training feild to watch people train. It gives me Ideas on how to train myself, but lately I have had my eye on someone in particular. Kureni Sensie's team, Ive watched them train for three days now, watching his every move. He seemed like the quiet type but I liked those type of guys. His landings, his jumps, his sense of speed, it was all breath taking. My heart stopped when the Blue haired girl turned to him and said his name, Shino Aburame. Today I wanted to maybe talk to him, seems that I have been watching them for the past few days, It wont be awkward right?
   I grabbed my backpack and my weapons and was on my way. I made my way to the training feild, and it seemed they werent here yet. I waited a while, and decided to go get something to eat. I wonder when they were gona come, I mean they should be here damn it!! I grew a vein when I saw that blonde kid I met the first day I got here. I mean hes sweet but he can be really annoying, He's goofy and quiet funny, when you give him the chance too. He ran up to me, with a giant smile...ughh.
   "Hey Nahina, what brings you here at Ichiraku Ramen?" I dont even know what hes saying.
   "What's Ichiraku Ramen?" I asked tilting my head to the side hiding that I wasnt slightly caring in the least, I tried to look interested I swear. He gave me a shocked look and grabbed my hand.
   "Your eating, right now..." I rolled my eyes trying to get him to let go but ehh, it was no use.
   "But what if I already ate?" I had dumplings... ok im bluffing.
   "Oh Well, your gona eat again then! Believe it!!" He said ordering me what ever the hell it was, I gave him a death glare, he just kept smiling at me. I looked away thinking of Shino, I felt my face heat up. I felt his stare apon the side of my face,damn it.
   "Nahina? Why are you blushing heh-eh!?!" He said as I looked at him, I jumped at the sight of his eyes looking right threw mine.
   "Im thinking about someone..."I looked away trying not to meet his glance. He moved his head trying to figure out what i ment by that. He then had a confused look on his face.
   "Who are you thinking about...?" He asked cocking his head to the side. I looked at his coriousity, he seemed trust worthy. Maybe, but he is also a big mouth so im not sure.
   "Well its this guy I met, well I didnt really meet him I kinda watched him... dont worry im not a stalker, but I thought he was cute is all." Was all I said but he seemed to not care about the information I gave him.
   "Do you know his name? I want to help!! Please!!" He yelled in my ear, I give up.
   "His name is well, Shino Aburame do you know him?" I asked seeing his face go to shock to a smirk. I watched him as he picked up his chop sticks readying, for his dinner. Well is he gona answer or what? like what the hell!!
   "Well Nahina, I know him, he is also a friend of mine..." He said as he took a bite of his ramen. The chef came over and planted my ramen down as I sunk in what Naruto said to me. I then grabbed his shoulder so he was meeting my gaze.
   "You are friends with him!! you need to help me please!!" I then realized everyone that was there was staring at me weirdly, I sat down and grabbed my chop sticks. How the hell do you use these...? I looked at them for a minute when i felt Naruto's glance again. Does he mind?
   "Are you gona try it or what heh-eh?" He seemed to smile alot, but I nodded. I sat there looking at it while he watched me. I waved my hand in front of his face.
   "How do you use these?" I asked rubbing the back of my head sheepishly. He grabbed my hands, and placed them where they were supposed to be. I laughed and decided to take my first bite, wow it was like amazing. It was soup but different, better.
   "Mmmm!! Yummy!!" I yelled everyone stared at me again. I have a nack for attention I guess. Naruto laughed at me.
   "I told you so!! heh-eh Ichiraku is the best! Believe it!!" Alright maybe Naruto isnt so bad.


   After eating we decided to find a place to talk about my issue, which is great!! im so glad hes gona help me. Ill finally be able to at least talk to him better then nothing right? hell yeah! We decided to go to the training feild and when we got there it was like time had stopped.
   "Hey Shino!! Hinata!! Kiba!! What's up?" Naruto yelled, I thought the whole world would hear. Naruto leaned into me.
   "This is your chance to talk to him..." He whispered to me, I nodded and stood up straight as they walked over to meet with Naruto. I was so nervous I thought i was gona die or something. He was dressed in his normal wear, a bit more tense then he is usually. I felt everyones glance on me, I started shaking.
   "Hey guys this is Nahina, shes new since a week ago! Believe it!!" I laughed when he said that, he says it alot. Everyone nodded at me, the girl Hinata came up to me.
   "Hiya im Hinata, and this is Kiba and Shino, werent you the girl that had been watching us for the past three days?" She asked. I felt my cheeks heat up, I nodded slowely. I looked at Shino he didnt really seem to care about my presence, it started to get awkward. Naruto rubbed the back of his head looking at me, waiting for me to say something, but I wasnt sure what to say. I cleared my throat.
   "Well umm, you guys are good, expesually you Shino, youve got great senses, and Hinata, your eyes are beautiful!! Also Kiba, your dog is Adorable..." I felt a little better when the dog jumped on me, I couldnt stop laughing. Everyone Surrounded me laughing also. The dog got off and licked my face once more.
   "So your name is Nahina?" Kiba asked. I nodded.
   "Heh-eh this is Akamaru" He said patting the dogs head, I giggled. He gave me a goofy smile, almost like Naruto's. I looked over at Shino, he seemed more interested now. I smiled at him, I couldnt quite see his smile, but I believe he smiled back at me, I hope. 
   The sun was starting to set but I didnt want to leave, Ive been sitting here laughing and being happy. But I knew my mother would be angry if I didnt come home when Im supposed too.
   "Well Ive gotta go guys, it was nice to finally meet you, its getting late and I dont want to here it from my mother heh." I said as I started walking, I felt eyes on me as I left and then waved goodbye. I reached my house and walked in. Hearing my mother making dinner, My sister doing her home work, my brother making out with his girlfriend on the couch. Great way to come home, no one even noticing me came in. I went up stairs and took a nice long bath...
   I went down stairs and had dinner, same old, meat loaf, eww... my brother said his goodbyes to his girlfriend and my sister got in her pj's falling asleep, on the couch. I yawned, seeing that this happeneds everyday, and I think that Tenma had her way out and Im going to have my way out. I fell asleep after two minutes and it was only 9pm...


    I woke up same thing again, but today was different. My mom made Pancakes, and backon,eggs too. My brother was still sleeping and my sister was calm she wasnt late today. I ate my breakfast, and walked outside still shocked of how different the day was going. When I felt something, I looked around trying to find what I was feeling, but there was nothing. I just walked on, I decided seems that the day was different, maybe I should do something different. I went to my sisters school, and surprised her with cake her favorite kind, Blueberry. I then went to see if Shino was around, I checked everywhere. Its like he disapeared!! unfair, but then I felt that weird thing again. something was crawling on me. I saw that it was a bug! aww its so cute. It crawled on my finger, as I giggled, now feeling a new presence.
   "Your not afriad?" I flung my head towards the voices direction, it was Shino? His glasses were off, and i could see his face, he was better looking than I thought. I blushed feeling his eyes on me.
   "Why would I afraid of this cute little thing..." I said feeling its back, it jumped in the air flying towards Shino. I watched as he stared me down, I felt something in my stomach throb, things were happening to my lower place.
   "So you like bugs?" He started, and slowely walked over and sat next to me. I nodded smiling.
   "I kinda am a Bug, im almost like a butterfly." He smiled at me. He put his hands together doing something I wasnt sure what it was. But when I saw what he was looking at, my mouth flew open, it was beautiful. A butterfly.
   "Wow its goregous..." My eyes started to sparkle, my wings grew bigger so now they were in sight. His eyes wondered to my back, I blushed watching his reaction to my wings.
   "Your from the Butterfly clan, your wings are goregous..." He paused and looked at me, deep in my soul.
   "But not as goregous as you." He looked away quickly waiting for a reaction, but I gave him no reaction, I kept it to myself. He looked at me again, he seemed confused. I felt more throbing, as I moved closer to him, I didnt see him protest so I kept moving in. He also seemed to have moved closer as well, I felt a strange new warmness as my lips touched his. He moved away and then came back with roughness, making me fall backwards. He was now on top of me holding my hands down looking me in the eyes. I kept getting this weird feeling below my hips. I looked around, trying not to meet his gaze, I couldnt it was too hard. I looked at him while I felt wetness below me.
   "Do you like me Nahina?" He said blankly, he then bent down to ear.
   "Cause I like you." He coood in my ear, I shiverd as he licked my ear. I swear what he was doing to me, it felt illegal. He went back to his oringinal position, and waited for an answer. He said he liked me, wow this is amazing.
   "Yeahh I do like you Shino..." I Know now that I was totally turned on by what he was doing, which aparently wasnt anything, I think it was the position I was in, well we were in. He smiled at me, bending down again to kiss my lips. I felt like flying. He gently put his body weight on me releasing my hands, and I placed them on his shoulders. He stopped kissing my lips, and went to my neck, leaving butterfly kisses apon my shoulder. He looked at my cleavage and blushed staring back at me.
   "Is this ok? do you wish for this?" He asked, I nodded grabbing his zipper of his jacket and tugging it down. He watched in amuzment, I then grabbed his Fishnet shirt and took that off. While I was doing this he kissed down to my cleavage sticking his tounge down it. I maoned softly, as he took it off, it was no sleeve so it easily came off like my pants, I was now down to my panties and bra. He glanced at my size, and I blushed as he leaned down to kiss my lips roughly. He grabbed my breast sqeezing them harder and harder each time. I felt myself coming, I wanted him so badly.
   He started to tug at my bra, he didnt seem to know how it worked, so I took it off myself. I reached for his pants and slipped my hand in rubbing his flesh. He immediatly stopped and moaned loudly, thrusting in to me. I felt his member slide against my panties. I could barely think straight, with all these new feelings, touches, feeling deep inside, it was all there. In now time his pants were off, and I grabbed on to his Member and started pumping up and down, side to side, and in circles. He moaned, squeezing his eyes shut, I pushed him off me and went on top and kept going.
   Pre cum started falling down from his tip, I giggled as I knew that I was getting close to my end. He grabbed my bottom and squeezed it softly.
   "Well, are you ready for my turn?" Shino asked me grabbing my bum again. I nodded not know what he means, for it was my first time. Ive never done any of this before, he would be my first. He truned me over real fast, in the same position we were in when we started. He bent down slowely looking at me the whole time, he sucked on my breast leaving the other to the cold air. I moaned softly as he nibbled on my nipple, he slid his hands to my wetness. He touched softly, rubbing it, smirked after he felt how wet I was. I yelped at how sensitive my middle part was, he rubbed my clit faster. Sliding his hand down my panties, and feeling my clit. I thought I was dieing it felt so good, he took off my panties, rubbing my clit even faster than before. I thought I was gona explode. I started panting, I was getting really excited.
   "Ahhhaha!!"I yelped as he slid he finger inside feeling my juices. He started to pump his finger in and out when he put another finger in and pumped faster. I moaned and felt this amazing pleasure at the pit of my stomach. he stopped knowing I was close to orgasm.
   "You ready for the best part?" He asked threw his pants. I looked at him slightly scared, it was my first time, will it hurt, will I cry? I gave him a scared look.
   "There is nothing to be afriad of, it hurts at first, but it feels good towards the end I promise." he said to me I felt a little better but still slightly unsure. But I gave him a nod and he readied himself. He looked at me bent down and kissed me in the lips once more before crashing his hips into mine.
   "Oh My God!! Aahhaha!" I sceamed, it was so painful but right when he took his cock out and pushed in again, it hurt but it felt amazing. I blushed thinking of him inside me, he kept pumping and slowelt started to increase his speed. I felt something gathering at the pit of my stomach it seemed to be the cum begining for orgasm. We started yelling and breathing faster and faster as he did powerful thrust leaving me wanting more.
   "Faster Shino!! Ahahahaa! please!" He increased his speed more and more he was going so fast I wasnt sure it was human speed.
    "Ahahahaahhhh!!!!!!" We both screamed, as we both hit our orgasms at the same time. He fell backwards
 Laying his head apon my shouder. We layed there and panted for a long while. The day was reaching evening, I yawned feeling him get up, I watched as he put on his clothes. I got up and put on mine as well, he stared at me a minute, he walked over to me touching my side and giving me a light pashionate kiss, I blushed feeling his hot breath apon my cheek. I thought I kinda dont wish for him to leave, He started off when I grabbed his sleeve.
   "Would you like to stay for dinner?" He stared at me and smiled. He nodded as I led the way.
   When we got there i saw my mother making dinner, and it wasnt meat loaf. I smiled as she looked at our guest.
   "This is Shino, hes gona stay for dinner..." I said, my mother nodded and then I rememberd something.
   "Shino are we you know..?" I trailed off when i saw my brother come in looking at me wide eyed.
   "Oh hey this is my-" I was cut by Shino covering my mouth.
   "Her boyfriend Shino Aburame." he said, and I gave him a huge smile. Today was really different and liked it...

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