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INFO: Aeon Miller

Personality:A nice girl that is grudgeless,cool and carefree person sometimes that likes to relax in a meadow on a warm sunny day to daydream. Can be a flirt,(but not in a whorish way.)loves to dance; both sexily and just basics. gets annoyed when she has to repeat herself more than twice and people who are egotistic or think that they can one-up her. Also bipolor so she's quiet most of the time and its rare for her to have temper tantrums(but when she's comfortable with new people and her new surroundings. she'll be more of herself.). Not a girly-girl or a complete tomboy.Acts mysterious and loves to keep people guessing, and enjoys observing the situation and people in the background. weird, funny, extremly sarcastic, and completely deadly in battle.

Past: History: Aeon was found by the Third Hokage in a forest as a baby. She was found with a will from her parents, who were dead around her, who were wealthy and famous. Currently, Aeon lives in a mansion provided by her family's wealth. Her family died from a disease that is unknown to her and medical examiners.

Like's: Itachi Uchiha

Dislikes's: The rain

Age: 18


Ive been in the anbu for like my whole life,

I joined with Itachi when we were sixteen. He was my closest friend, and unforgetable lover. When I found out he killed his whole clan I knew it couldnt have been true, there had to be someone else that helped him, or he had to have had a reason. I never told him I loved him, I never got to, he just left me behind. Like I was nothing, It hurt like hell, I then had to take care of Sasuke. He was all by himself, and in pain with lonelyness. Me being there didnt help him with loosing his family, but it was better than nothing. Soon after that Sasuke left the leaf village, I kept loosing people that ment so much to me, was I doing something wrong? Im still not sure.

I woke up to rain, and fog as it stormed hard outside. I covered my face not wanting to get up, but I knew that Milady would not be happy if I was late yet again. I rolled, literally rolled out of bed landing on my back, now I was awake and my back hurt like hell. I did my thing getting in the shower and brushing hair ect; ect;. I jumped out my window landing lightly on my feet, and had myself heading for the Hokage Tower. I was half asleep not knowing what the hell I was doing but apparently, I made it there without getting lost. I was all wet, from the rain that poored down hard apon my face. Today didnt seem right, something was wrong. I couldnt help think that something or someone was watching, but yet I felt like that everyday, who am I kidding. I just hoped that the day would come and go as fast as possible.

I walked in sightly wondering if I made a good decision to get up today, Milady smiled at me and raised her head to meet my gaze.

"Well today's mission is quite difficult..." she paused and turned to the window, I watched her as her smile faded, I sweat dropped knowing that she wasnt lying about how difficult it was. "Its against the Akasuki." she said turning to me to see my reaction. I didnt have much of a reaction, I was blank plus I didnt care if it was the Akasuki. I didnt mind at all, it gave me a chance to find out more infromation about them. I nodded and awaited for her to assign it, I crossed my arms over my chest feeling slightly agrivated. She sat down in her chair and took out some paper work.

"Well you taking people with you, Kakashi Hatake, and Captain Yamato." I saw them walk in. I knew Kakashi used to be in the anbu but I didnt know the other guy. I bowed at them as they walked in, they seemed like particulary kind people maybe this wouldnt be so bad.

"You know what to do, I explained it already to the others Aeon, now please get along." She said while sighing. I nodded while giggling, and walked out with my mask on and I was ready to go. We started our way out and didnt talk much at all, not even eye contact. Guess there really into the mission. I felt an amazing amount of chakra, and I stopped on a branch. They looked at me, signaling that they felt it too. Even though I said I wanst scared, now that im here, I was shaking. I felt like I knew this chakra, it felt warm and cold at the same time. I felt the wind change direction, and I met with his eyes. A cold rush went threw me, he saw right threw me, I knew he knew who I was. I couldnt move, I struggled with my eyes, that were attachted to his. I then felt this slight pain in the back of my head and I then saw nothing...

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