-Gaara Thank's Giving Present?-Thank's Giving Special--Lemon--

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INFO: Yahiko Sentar
Personality: Pretty preppy, kind caring and deeply loves doing things for the Kazekage...
Like's: Gaara No Sabaku
Dislike's: Kankuro being a perv...
Past: Ive been threw my father beating me, and my father cheating on my mother, my father killing my mother... People laughing at me because that i didnt have well i couldnt make any friends...
Age: 17


   A Crazy hot day in suna today, i couldnt wait to do stuff for the Kazekage, he was too sweet! i couldnt believe i was in his presence and that he trusted me. im like his body gaurd practically. but today was Thank's giving so i wasnt sure if i was supposed to see the Kazekage today, i really hoped so. So i Decided that i was gona go see him, and ask him directly. I ran into the tower, and knocked on the door lightly. you heard him say come in. and opend the door, you were slightly startled when you saw the Kazekage with no shirt on. bear, sexy, built , filled with muscel chest. my face was turning purple cause i was holding my breathe seeing his every pore of his skin. i started to cough and then stood up.
   "Ummm is this a bad time Kazekage-sama...?" I asked waiting for for his answer hoping that i wouldnt haft to leave this moment... i never wanted it to end..
   "No it is quiet fine, how may i help you...?" he said with a smiled apearing on his face slightly. i blushed and stood up straighter then i was.
   "Well i was wondering if you needed me today, i have nothing to do... so if you know, you needed something you could use me today..." I said looking down getting kinda uncomfortable. he stood up from his chair and looked me over, like he always does.
   "Do you not have a Dinner to go to today...?" He asked raising a non existant eye brow. well my father was home but i didnt want to go there... he would treat me like crap and well, make me drink with him whichc was not happening...
   "No i do not Kazekage-sama... i do not im by myself today..." I said slowly raising my head to look at him. he smiled at me again. oh my god hes like an angel....
   "Well do you not have family members?" he asked unsure tilting his head to the side slightly.
   "I do but he has some problems with things.... and i do not wish to go home and watch him do so.." I said looking back down crossing my arms across my chest.
   "Well would you like to have Dinner with us, well Temari, Kankuro and me...?" He asked and i think i could have died at that moment. i nodded quickly as he smirked at me.
   "Alright, come to the house at two pm and by the way... call me Gaara..." He said putting on his shirt and then turning to me.

"Ok Gaara..." I smiled saying his real name, it felt so right. i turned to leave and i ran home as fast as i could but to my realization that it was only twelve in the after noon. i had two hours to go... i heard my father in the kitchen screaming so i went to look at what he was screaming at, i went behind the wall seeing him screaming at a jar of pickles that wouldnt open. wow he seriously needs help... i went back up stairs to try and pick something out... but i couldnt find anything... but then i saw my moms old dress i was shocked i wanted to wear it so bad and i so god damn it was!!!! and i know that makes no sense at all but i was going to wear it!!

I always have looked good in blue so i was very excited for this. i hope to tell Gaara my true feelings sooner or later but i kinda hoped for today...


   It was finally 2pm i ran out the door and made my way to Gaara's house. i Knocked on the door and Kankuro answered... ughh that pervert...

   "Well Hello!!!! I didnt know you were coming over... Gaara said somone was coming over but i didnt think it was you...hey hotty..." He screamed practicaly in my ear. i closed my eyes as he grabbed my hand and i walked inside. i immediatly saw Temari in the kitchen and went up to her, me and her are kinda friends and she knows i like Gaara.

   "Hey Temari What's up?" I asked her as she stopped and looked at me.

   "Oh heyyy Oh my god so your the one Gaara invited ooooo Thats good... well guess your getting to know him better then the Kazekage..." She giggled. as i blushed and started to help her with the meal...

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