-Kakashi Ninja's Do Not Date--Lemon--

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INFO: Louise Saechi

Personality: Hot headed, kind hearted, secretive, flirty, and very out going.

Like's: Kakashi Hatake

Dislike's: Kakashi pretending...

Past: Youll know later

Age: 21 yay!!!


FLASHBACK: 11 years before (10yrs old)

I was at the training feild waiting for our trainer, for he seemed to always be late. Which drove me insane literaly, my teamates would always haft to calm me down before I killed someone. I sat down patiently watching my teamate Kakashi wonder around in circles, he seemed confused or was just plain stupid. I got up walking over to the confused man that flung his Kunai in the air and swirling it around his fingers. He looked right at me as I walked over.

"Hey something wrong Kakashi?" I asked leaning in closer to his face, he seemed like he was blushing but couldnt tell because of his mask ughh. He shook his head, looking at me, it felt so weird no one has stared at me like that before, he was sweet yet stern, and highly cute. I felt my face got hot, I was blushing? His cuteness has taken over me, I giggled at him, I cant see any of his reactions because of his mask, but I kinda wanted to take it off. I moved my hand and touched his nose, and giggled I grabbed the egde of his mask and he seemed to not mind I guees. So I continued, I pulled down further, and he grabbed my hand. He didnt seem upset, or anything really just kinda emotionless. He let go of my hand, gently seeting it down beside me.

"Why not?" I pouted poking him in his chest. He laughed, and then poked me, I jumped like ten feet in the air I was very ticklish. He started laughing histericaly, I joined in then seeing our Sensei had arrived, I pouted yet again.


After practice I ran up to Kakashi jumping on him, he laughed as I did this and he started running around with me on his back. He was amazing I didnt want him to let go, but eventually he did.

It was getting late and my mother would be upset if I wasnt home soon so I said goodbye to Kakashi and he grabbed me. It was dark, his mask was off and he was amazingly handsome, He leaned in and kissed me, and then he was gone.


Ehh I woke up to another day in hell, why do I wake up, theres no point. I wondered myself into the shower, and into some clothes. Oh and I totally forgot im with Kakashi today, yay, by the way im being sarcastic. Ever since he kissed me so many years ago he seems to ignore me, and not listen to what I haft to say, its like he doesnt care. When I know deep inside he does.

I walked into Tsunade's office and saw him there with his usual gear on, mask and everything else. I grew a vein seeing him smile at me, so fakely it angerd me. Today I think there maybe blood shed, and it wont be mine! I stood beside him listening to Tsunade.

"Okay I need you to deliver these forms for me, to the Land of Rivers, its rank B mission get to it."

"Hai!" We both said, and we walked out. I put the forms in my backpack and started out. Most of the time walked Kakashi was reading his damn perverted book. It ticked me off seeing him read that, whats he trying to do get horny?! I cleared my throat trying to get his attention, but it didnt seem to leave that book. My face was getting red with anger, second by second. He better start talking to me.

"Well the weathers nice." He said randomly, is that all he hast to say to me? I looked at him with anger, we both stopped walking.

"Something wrong?" He asked putting his book away. Is something wrong? Is he kidding me? it doesnt look like theres something wrong? he is stupid.

"You dont think that this whole time weve been walking, you would say something to me?" He looked at me confused.

"I did, just now"

"About the weather!!"

"So what do you want me to say?" I thought a moment. I blushed thinking about his question, there lots of things I want him to say to me.

"Well?" He asked again. I looked at him, grabbing his mask down as fast as I could, and stole a kiss. He kissed back, I licked his lips asking for enterance which he granted. I moaned grabbing his shoulders and pulling him closer to me. He pushed me away, fixing his mask.

"So what do you have to say Lousie?" I looked at him confused does he not comprehend that I want him.

"If you dont get what im trying to say, when I kissed you, then your a bigger idiot than I thought." I said looking away from him trying to keep walking but my arm was being held back.

"You know Ive always loved you, Louise, but we cant." He said letting go of my arm, and looking away.

"Why? Why not?" I yelled facing him closing in.

"Because we are ninja, ninja's do not date one another." I felt my heart brake in two. I felt tears slowely comeing down my face.

"But if you really cared for me, you wouldnt care about that." I fell crying, he stood there doing nothing, I wasnt sure what he was thinking but I felt pathetic. He knelt down beside me bringing me into his embrace. I felt his warm body against mine, as he stroked my hair. He let go looking at my face, struggling over words. He wiped away hot tears that steamed down my face, pulling my chin up to look at him, I struggled to look away but he held me in my place. He lowerd his mask giving me a gental kiss on my forhead. He then kissed my cheek, my chin and of course my lips. Him doing all of that is getting me wet. he started taking off his army jacket, slowely rubbing my sides, I let out a moan. He seemed to like that, and he went for his shirt, I looked at his bear chest. I wanted him so bad now, he leaned in for kiss again rubbing my right side. He went to the bottom of my shirt, and his hand travled upwards, he sliped off my shirt. He stopped to look and he kept going.

He grabbed my right breast squeezing it tightly while kissing my lips, he lifted me up trying to get to my bra. I gasped slightly as he took it off, I blushed seeing his reaction. His eyes were wide, I giggled. He smiled at me tugging at my shorts.

"Giggle again." I gave him a pout and shook my head. He growled at me, then tickling me on my side, I giggled louder grabbing his hands to make him stop. He laughed at me, He took my shorts off, seeing my wet panties. He started to unbotton his pants and threw off his underwear, grabbing my waist. He gently rubbed my clit slowely at first and he went faster, I moaned grabbing his arm for support. He slipped my panties off as he licked my wet pussy. I gasped at the sudden touch of his tounge against my vagina, it felt amazing. he started going faster and I was grinding against him trying to make it better, but he stopped me.

"What? what is it Kakashi-kun?" I panted, he went up to my face and kissed my lips pashionatly he readied himself.

"Do you want this Lousie?"

"More than anything in the world." He smiled and thrusted inward. I screamed grabbing him feeling the pain run threw my spine. I panted as he went in again, he started to go faster. He grabbed my hips pushing himself further in me each time, I was reaching my climax soon. He started panting really fast, we both started screaming.

"Louise your so tight damn it" He yelled as his orgasm ended. I grabbed his bottom and squeezed it gently, he smiled wraping his arms around me, rubbing my sides. But he got up quite fast.

"Stand Louise." He comanded I was in pain he wanted me to what? I got up slightly falling over but he caught me, he bent down on one knee.

"Will you marry me?" I felt this excitement rush threw me I threw myself on him and we crashed onto the ground he laughed hugging me tightly.

"Yes of course I will!" I layed back and rested my head apon his shoulder, I got up confused.

"I thought you said ninja's dont date?" He laughed smirking.

"Yeah were not dating, were engaged." I laughed at his idiotic comeback.

"Hmph guess I was right ninja's can date." I stuck out my tounge. Wait dont we have a mission? woops..

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