-Sasuke My Lucky Charm-St. Patricks Day Special--Lemon--

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INFO: Suki Suna
Personality:  A go with the flow type person, when she gets asked to do something she does it, really easy going person.
Like's: Sasuke Uchiha
Dislikes: Karin Being all over Sasuke
Past: Unknown...
Age: 16
Looks: Blond kinda gothic, green eyed, like to wear hoods and a skirt :)


   Ughh... its raining again. it never stops in the hidden rain, i wish that it would stop so i could see the sun just for a while. maybe even a slight bit of sunshine.. i was interupted by Karin and Sugetsu yelling again for the millionth time today... i started to get an anime vein.
   "God Karin stop blushing we all no your in love with Sasuke, its totally Obvious..." Said Suigetsu. i rolled my eyes yet again.
   "Damn it Suigetsu!!! I dont like Sasuke!!" Karin yelled. she has such an annoying voice, i want to smack her. They bickerd for another ten minutes... until i finally really got angry.
   "SHUT THE HELL UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR GOD DAMN LIFE SHUT UP!!!" i screamed grabbing Suigetsu's shirt. hes the one that always starts it. he looked at me shocked and then smirked at me.
Sasuke looked back at us with his emotionless expression and slightly smirked at me.
   "Suki let go of Suigetsu and Suigetsu leave Karin alone..." Sasuke said and then turned back towards the way we were walking. i let go, turned to look at Karin. She is so annoying with her 'i dont love Sasuke' crap its a bunch of bull shit and she knows it... its written all over her face. then she walks up to him and stares at him like shes never seen anyone like him before its so weird. she could never really love him just obesses over him, not like me. I personally dont like to talk about it but i was deeply in love with Sasuke. He might be a bit cold hearted and emotionless but back when we were with Orochimaru he promised me he would get me out of here. He kept that promise to me, it felt nice to be cared for. but now he doesnt even seem to care much at all, just how he wants to kill his brother Itachi Uchiha... i feel like im being used on the team 'Hebi' and i dont fit in here. For one Suigetsu is made of water and Karin shes just Karin and then Sasuke he just amazing. Then theres me, i am worthless i cant do anything, why did he chose me to be on his team. yeah this sucked...
   "Heyyy isnt today St. Patricks day?" Suigetsu asked. wow i think it is... and im irish... yay...Karin then nodded and Suigetsu just smirked at me.
   "Quit it..." i said rolling my eyes walking near Sasuke.
   "Hey Suki arent you Irish?" Karin Came over to me seeing me move over near Sasuke getting alarmed. I nodded closing my eyes for a minute... i felt this creepy chakra..i stopped and opened my eyes alarmed.
   "You felt that too?" Sasuke asked me.
   "Hai!" i said a bit startled seeing ninja's come out of the bushes yelling.
   "So youve noticed us huh?" each one of them said at least once. i got annoyed. shut up.....
   "Can i kill them Sasuke...?" Suigetsu asked.
   "Go ahead just dont make a mess..." he said moving back away from the becoming masacre... i blushed slightly for like no reason. i guess the sound of his voice makes me feel warm. Suigetsu started his way to them and startd fighting them. most of them were easy but when he came towards then end, they were the joinin and rouge ninja left he started having trouble. Suigetsu came up to one of them and swung him to next week. he then came to the next one and disapeard turning into water and then coming up behind him. by the way there was blood everywhere.... the enemy then disapeard and then reapeard coming after me. i jumped startled not know what to do, i was too in shock i couldnt move i closed my eyes. and felt nothing... i then opened them to see Sasuke... stabbed. i ran to help him but the man took him by this time Sasuke past out from blood loss and i started to cry. then the man disapeard in the darkness... I was so shocked Sasuke my love gone just like that. Karin started to cry also. Jugo just stood there.. and Suigetsu got annoyed at Karin for crying.
   "Well i thought you were supposed to be lucky damn it Suki, look at what you did!!!" Karin screamed at me. i couldnt yell at her back i was choking on my tears to yell back.
   "I kinda agree..." Suigetsu said kinda weakly... Jugo didnt saying anything.
   "Well im going to get him back... C'mon Karin..." Suigetsu said. and they left Jugo went with them. i fell to my knees still crying. what was i supposed to do...? hes dieing and im worthless but he risked his life for mine. i haft to do something. right? i got up the rain has seemed to have stopped and i smiled slightly as i saw a rainbow. i made my way to the rainbow and found the end. but i hoped that something like gold or like in the sayings i would fined but to what i didnt realize this was gold to me. he was my gold... i ran to him starting to cry again. he was still bleeding but still alive somehow but you didnt care you started healing him as fast as you could.
   You finally finished you sat there and waited for his return from unconsiousness.. i was still tearing up as i felt him touch my face.
   "Suki hmph....you found me heh" i smiled, the brightest smiled i could ever give anyone but him. i grabbed his hand as he caressed my cheek. he got up quiet quickly. looking me in the eyes real close to my face. he smirked and i started blushing. his hand moved to my neck and lightly pushed me closer to his face. i got what he was doing and i closed my eyes. and felt his hot breather against my cheek, he gently pressed against my lips. it was so hard to discribe, it was ice cream with heaven as the secret ingredient. he licked my lips for entrance and i granted him right away. i moaned softly as he grabbed my waist. i put my hands apon his shoulders and he grabbed my shirt and started to take it off... i pulled away slightly. and he stopped to look at me.
   "What..? do you not want me to...?" He asked confused, it was kinda cute cause he tilted his head.
   "No.. its not that... D-do you l-l-love -me...?" I blushed saying it. he smirked and came close to me.
   "I always have very much Suki-chan..." He coood in my ear i smiled and let him contiue. he quickly took of my shirt and then the bra and quickly attcked my newly open skin sucking on my nipples going to both sides... he stopped and ripped off his shirt and unbottoned his pants throwing them to the side and then continueing. moving his hand up and down my thighs and apon my ass sqeezing it. he then moved his hand up my skirt and started rubbing my panties. i moaned lightly as he stopped kssing my lips and reaching my neck. taking off my skirt and panites. throwing them somewhere, and not caring where they land. he picked me up and set me down apon the wet damp grass... he then shoved his finger into my clit. i screamed. grabbing the ground and then holding his arms that were on either side of me. he put in now two fingers and i screamed again and again stopping at three then grabbing my back kissing my lips softly. i looked his arounsed member and blushed seeing its size threw his underwear. he smirked at me and took them off. swinging ur legs apon his hips and getting ready for the entrance. He slamed inside as i screamer grabbing his shoulders and tearing up again, he took out his cock and rubbed my back relaxing me. and he thrusted in again, he went faster and faster, he panted and i felt the amazing pleasure of the most amazing moment of my life. he turned over and landed beside me. taking my waist and bringing me close to him. i smiled laying on him.
   "I love you Suki-chan..." He said rubbing my side. i blushed...
   "I love you too... Sasuke-kun..." i layed there for a lil longer...
   "Maybe we should get back there looking for us hmph..." He said to me i nodded... know were both tired after all this and im in a bit of pain. but we made our way back holding hands and let go when we saw them.
   "Hey weve been looking for you..." Suigetsu said...
   "So Suki how did you find him...?" I Smiled and blushed...
   "I followed the rainbow..." Looking over at Sasuke smiling.
   "Well i guess your lucky after all..." Said Suigetsu. Sasuke then walked up to him and smiled back at me.
   "No she's my lucky charm..." he said still smiling at me i giggled and i saw Karin grow an anime vein and just walked up to him and i pecked him on the cheek and saw everyones faceg row of shock...
   "My lucky charm..." he whispered to me... wow i love st patricks day.. i didnt know i was this lucky...

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