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INFO: Tayla Areka

Personality: hyper active but very shy when not around friends, also is from the bunnah clan she is a bunny like human, smiles alot likes to make people happy...

Like's: Kiba Inuzuka

Dislike's: Well shes scared of dogs, and spiders

Past: She Used to be an Orphan she never new her real family and she is the last of her kind...

Age: 16 like everyone else...

Looks: Blonde hair, Brown eyes, bunny ears and a big smile XD


Well today I wanted to see my best friend Hinata, it was a sunny day and I love to make her smile. Plus I promised her I would help her with her training. So she told me to meet her at the training feild and her team mates are going to be there, even Kiba, Ive always have liked Kiba. He always made me feel like im not like some kind of animal like im a human too, just like everyone else. He makes me smile, and butterflies in my stomach start to dance when he gets close to me. Im kinda nervous to go and see him because im really afraid of his dog, and I hate the smell of dog and I just I dont know, I just hope everything goes well.

I walked inside the feild and immediatly saw the huge dog, I held my breath and slowly walked over seeing Hinata. I started to breathe Faster when I saw Kiba heading my way. I started blushing and playing with my hands.

"Hey Tayla-chan what's up?" He asked with his amazing smile with his tooth over laping his lower lip. I smiled at him and gigled slightly.

"Ah hiya Kiba-kun.. nothing really you?" I said kinda fast and quiet but he heard because of his dog like ears. They were human ears but can hear the sounds of like everything.

"Ehh cant wait to get started haha you still scared of Akamaru?" He asked kinda worried, I nodded a little looking down. He stepped forward and lifted my chin to see his face glimmer with slight sadness in his eyes.

"Dont worry Tayla-chan he wont hurt you, I promise..." He let go gently and walked over to shino. I kinda felt a little sadder when he did that. I didnt want him to let go, my stomach was still fluttering with butterflies I couldnt let him just walk away yet, I do it everytime. I hate myself sometimes, I saw the dog jump over to Kiba, I kinda wanted to go stand with him but after that I didnt want to go near him. The butterflies were gone as I stood there by myself. Hinata looked at me sadly and walked over to me making sure I wasnt alone, Hinata is such a great friend, she knows I like Kiba and that im afraid of his dog and shes always been right by my side, I love her for that.

"Well are we gona get started..." Shino said walking over to us. We both nodded and I got butterflies again, I didnt feel good when I saw the dog walking towards me. My heart stopped like it wasnt beating anymore. Akamaru started running at me, I couldnt move, it was like time had stopped and I was so scared that I stopped breathing, my face turned red to purple.

"Kiba hurry!!" Hinata yelled.

"Akamaru!!!! STOP!" Akamaru didnt stop. He kept coming, I closed my eyes and I was on the ground being licked and slobbered all over. My tummy was not getting any better, but it wasnt so bad, I thought he was gona bite me or something. I felt everyone surround me an laugh, I tried getting up but Ughh this dog is too heavy. You heard someone whistle and Akamaru got up right away.

"Are you alright Tayla-chan..?" Kiba came over and lended you a hand, his touch, made my heart sore I woundered what it would be like if he touched everywhere on me.

"Hello? Tayla-chan??" I snaped out of my daze and looked into his eyes, he seemed to blush a light pink and so did I.

"Im ok, it wasnt as bad as I thought it was gona be.. " I giggled and he laughed nervously.

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