Chapter 1: Getting ready

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I think the worst way to wake up is to the awful sound of an alarm clock buzzing. Just hearing the noise makes me want to rip my eyes out.

To make matters worse it's 5:00 in the morning. But that's how my morning goes on Mondays and Thursdays. Any other day I get to sleep till 7:00

My dog gives me a look like, 'Are you getting up, it's still dark outside'.

"Sorry, logan I have to get up".

I get up and head toward the bathroom to brush my teeth.

My hair looks so atrocious that a rat wouldn't even live in it. After one last look, I decide I don't have time to fix it. Doing what I always do, I pull it up in a hair clip.

I'll be putting on a helmet soon anyway.

"Awe logan do you want in Derek's room?" Derek is my older brother who does everything in his power to get on my nerves.

I let Logan in his room to aggravate him. 

"Please jump on his bed and lick him in the face to wake him up." His ears flop while I rub his head.

The next step is to get dressed. Since it's a little chilly outside I choose a long sleeve shirt and black riding tights.

I shove bootcut jeans into my school bag to wear at school. Wearing riding tights to school you're just asking people to make fun of you.

I hate standing out I prefer to blend in and stay in the shadows.

The stairs creek under my weight as I run down them. When I walk into the kitchen I notice the pantry is left open. My guess would be my beautiful older brother left it open.

Girls used to tell me they wish they had a brother like Derek.

They would be regretting that statement after three days of living with him.

I grab a meal bar for breakfast and my keys off the key hook by the door.

As I open the front door I'm met with a chilly breeze.

I tuck my arms against my body to shield myself from the cold as I jog to my rusty beat-up 1994 Dodge Dakota two-door truck. (That I worked all summer to buy.)

Once I get to my client's barn, I get their horse Titan out of his stall and saddle him.

Titan moves slightly when I mount up, excited to get going.

I steer him down the driveway and onto the road.

Yes, I know it's dangerous to ride on the road in the dark. The sun is already starting to come up and I have on a reflective vest.

The road I have to ride on is a backroad so not many people are on the road at this time.

I'm not too concerned about riding on the road.

Well, that was till I heard a car come speeding around the curve I was on.

'Wyatt! Wyatt!" Then I hear the door to my bedroom open, "Wyatt!"

I sit up and look at my mom.

Geez, I look out my window it's still dark outside. "What's wrong Mom?" I ask giving my mom a dead look.

"Wyatt sweetie, my car won't start. Will you look at it?"

I get up, "Okay."

My feet shuffle downstairs and out the door to her car. 

Dang, it's cold outside, especially if you're only wearing shorts. "Let me try and start your car"

"I tried and it made this funny sound. It sounded like a little girl screaming in Walmart." 

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