Chapter 3: I didn't know I had 3 bestfriends.

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'Oh, my!' Exlaimed Emma. 'I'm going to buy this!' She said, holding a multi-coloured dress. Only colourful dresses are attracted to her. The dresses with only one colour are, according to her, extremely pale.
'Wow, that is nice.' Said Victoria, brightly.
As Emma paid for her dress, we left that shop and went to another one. I and Victoria bought a very simple dress. Beautiful dresses were WAY EXPENSIVE!
I already was wondering how Mum gave me money for shopping without hesitation. That is very strange. While I was paying, Emma and Victoria quickly came up to me.
'Hey, Alison. Look! Your bestfriend, Massie Lyons is here. Why don't you go and give her a big hug?!' They both said, teasing me.
We all started laughing at headed to the Exit door.
They love to tease me, and I love them for that.

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