Chapter 12: You have to be Perfect, Alison.

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'Alison.. Alison ...'
'Just let me sleep for a while'
And then someone shook me so hard. I opened my eyes.
Emma and Victoria were trying to wake me up.
I wondered where Mom was, as she didn't come to wake me up.
'Come on Alison! Wake up. We are getting late for School'
'Today are the Auditions.'
When I heard the word 'Auditions', I automatically jumped from my couch.
'Let's get ready,' Emma said.
'Wait,' I said, 'why are we going to School?'
They both stared at me as if I were nuts.
'I mean, the Auditions would start at 11 am, so we could atleast sleep a little more.
'Yeah that's right!' Victoria said.
'No. We shouldn't skip our School.' Emma said, sounding like that 'Mom friend' which can be found in every squad.
'Oh come on, Em,' I said as I jumped on my bed to sleep again.
'Okay fine. We'll skip,' Emma said, 'but we won't sleep.'
'Are you serious? It's 7:30 in the Morning.' I groaned.
'Yeah, Alison, she's right.' Victoria said.
'You should practice once more,' Emma said.
'Yes!' Victoria said.
'Ughhhhh! Not again.' Was my response.
'What do you mean? You have to be PERFECT, Alison!' Victoria said. 'And after practicing, we'll--'
And then we practiced. At 9:15 am, we were on bed.
Emma and Victoria immediately slept but I was having severe headache. I wanted to sleep but I couldn't. Then I got up from the bed, took a shower, wore a new shirt and a good pair of jeans. It was 10 am now, so I decided to put some make up. After curling my hair, I went downstairs to check what is going on. I opened Amy's room, she was sleeping.
Good, I think you should sleep all the time.
After checking on Amy, I went to Mom's room, Mom and Dad, too, were asleep. Maybe they had come late at night, I thought.
After eating my cornflakes, I went upstairs I shook Emma and Victoria. I took out some dresses for both of them. We all got ready and left the house when it was 10:45. Thanks to God we were going to the School in Emma's Car. My make up and hair would all be turned into a mess if I would have taken the bus.
We reached School and went to the Auditorium. All the contestants were sitting on a corner of the Auditorium. All the judges and students, too, were settled. I gave Emma and Victoria a hug.
'Good luck.' Emma said, sincerely.
'I know you'll be selected.' Victoria said.
I smiled and went to sit with the other contestants. Massie kept on glaring me and I decided to ignore it.
And so, the Show started. First one to perform was Massie.
Yeah, I told you before. About her voice, I mean. It was so bad - Ugh! But this time it was little better than before.
To my surprise, everyone clapped and hooted for her as if she had the loveliest voice - even better than Shakira.
12 people had participated in this Contest.
'That was really nice, Ashley!' The host commented on a girl after she had sung her song.
'So the next one to perform is Alison Mitchells!'
Everyone clapped for me. My heart was racing. It was a mixture of nervousness and excitment. I slowly made my way towards the stage.
It was such a big crowd.
Just believe in yourself Alison. Believe in yourself. You have to do it. You have to win it.
And so I begin. I begin to sing 'Calling you'. Everyone started to clap for me.
Nobody said 'Alison the Bird-brained' to me. I could hear some people saying 'Go Alison!'
After I finished, everyone clapped for me. Actually I was thinking that nobody would encourage me after that spilling-the-soda-on-Massie incident.
Emma and Victoria, both gave me a thumps-up sign as I left the stage.
So after everyone sang, the judges were deciding the 5 finalists. After 5 minutes, panic started to engulf me when the host came back to the stage with the names of 5 finalists.

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