Chapter 9: Hey! I'm Alison - the Birdbrained.

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'And the winner of the Singing Contest is...... Alison Mitchells!'
Everyone hoots and cheers as I come to the stage.
'Congratulations, Alison! You rock!' I hear everyone say.
'Hey Alison.' Says ADAM LEVINE.
As I open my mouth to answer him, someone shouts behind me.
'Alison! Wake up!' It was Mom, screaming in my ears.
I let out a moan.
What is wrong with this woman?
'W-what time is it?' I asked her, rubbing my eyes. 'It's 7:45!' She shouted.
Oh no!
I jumped from my bed, took a shower and went downstairs. I gulped down a glass of milk, said Bye to Mom and Dad, and left the house. My hair looked very messy as I forgot to brush them.
After 5 minutes, I was in the School. The hallway was clear as everyone was in their class. I took my Maths book out of my locker and went to my Classroom.
Miss Maureen was lecturing the students. 'May I come in, Miss?' I asked her, forcing a polite smile on my face. Miss Maureen stopped and turned towards me as everyone else did.
'What took you so long?' She asked with a frown. 'I-I forgot to set my alarm.' I told her. Everyone snickered, though I didn't say something funny, Miss Maureen glared the students which made them all quiet.
I could see Massie sitting on the front seat. Miss Maureen didn't say anything to me. Instead, she asked me to take a seat so she could continue her class. Unfortunately, the only empty seat in the whole class was the one beside Massie. 'Great.' I muttered, as I took the seat beside Massie.
'So, I was saying...' Miss Maureen continued her lecture and I started to copy the equations which were written on the board.
When the class ended, I gathered my books and went to the cafeteria. At the door, Massie and her friends were standing, glaring me. I rolled my eyes as I made my way inside the cafeteria, not noticing Massie's foot in my way.
'Aarrrghh!' I yelled as I landed on the floor with a thud.
Everyone burst into laughter.
'Look who is here!' A boy spoke. 'Alison the Birdbrained!' Everyone shouted rhythmly after the boy. Ok so now I have been given a cute little title.
Wow! I'm so famous!
I could feel my cheeks glowing hot in embarassement as more people chuckled. I quickly got up from the floor and made my way towards our usual lunch table.
'What was that?' Emma asked.
'Nothing.' I muttered.
'Look, you don't need to worry,' Said Victoria. 'you'll be the most popular girl in the School in a few days.' She smiled. I smiled back.
Yeah I hope so.

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