Chapter 13: And the Finalists are..

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'Every student performed really well.' Said the host. 'Girls! You rocked the stage today! Everyone, give them a big round of applause!'
Everyone started to clap.
Okay, okay, stop this. Come to the point now, will you?!
'So the names of those 5 girls are..'
'Massie Lyons, Samantha Porter, Emily Thorne, Claire Woods and Alison Mitchells!'
Oh. My. God. I gasped.
Did he say my name?!
I think Yes.
Everyone hooted for us as we 5 girls went to the stage.
'Congratulations, girls!' Said the host. 'Now you will be performing in front of Adam Levine on Monday!'
I simply wanted to jump up and down and dance like a moron but I couldn't. Duh! Obviously I couldn't! The whole school was watching us.
I could see Emma and Victoria. They were looking so happy.
'Congratulations!' Emma mouthed.
'Thankyou!' I mouthed back with a wide grin.
After we left the stage, Emma and Victoria came to me.
They gave me a big hug.
'Thankyou so much guys for helping me out.' I said. 'I can't believe this. I am so excited for Monday!' We squealed.
'So what say?' Said Emma. 'Let's go and enjoy somewhere!'
'Yeah! Of course!' I said, and we all sat in Emma's car and took off.
We went to McDonald's, had alot of fun there.
I returned to home at 8 pm and I was welcomed by Mom's anger.
'Where were you?'
'I was with my friends, of course, where else would I be?'
'Why were out out with your friends on a School night?'
'Having fun,' I replied.
She glared at me. I sighed.
'I texted you a while ago that I'll be a little late.'
'No, you didn't.'
'Yes, I did.'
'No, you didn't.'
'Yes, she did,' Amy said, 'I forgot to tell you, Mum, I saw her message in your Mobile.'
'That is why I always ask you to not touch my Mobile!' Mom thundered, and so their fight started.
'I got selected, Mom!' I quickly said, in order to stop their fight.
'You got what?!'
'Selected, mom.'
'Oh, my Darling!'
Mom gave me a hug and kissed me.
'I'm so happy for you.'
I smiled. Atleast, I thought, she is happy for me.
'And be ready,' Mom called, 'we're going out for a dinner.'
'Yayy!' I heard Amy scream, excitedly.
I went upstairs into my room. I was extremely tired now.
Now all I'll do at this weekend, I thought, is sleep!
I was about to get on my bed when a voice inside my head said: Not so fast, you have to get ready for a Family dinner!
Ugh! I groaned, and started to get ready.
Family dinner is the most boring thing in this World.
I mean, Mom and Dad are busy in their own weird gossips.
What am I supposed to do?
I can't spend my time with Amy. No way! Not in a Million years would that happen.
So, after returning home, I wore my night suit, and got on my bed.
Finally, I sighed happily.
And then suddenly, my phone beeped.
I unlocked it and saw that it was a message from an unknown number:
Don't get too over excited. You are never going to sing with Adam Levine, you bird-brained!
Wow. Okay. That's bad.

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