Chapter 7: I smell like Chicken Soup.

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'...The term may also be used loosely or metaphorically to denote highly skilled people in any non-"art" activities, as well- law, medicine, mechanics, or mathematics, for example...'
As our boring Arts teacher started to lecture us about Arts, of course, the bell rang. We made our way towards the cafeteria.
I grabbed my lunch tray and walked into the line for food, selecting grilled cheese sandwich and orange juice. Then I walked towards the lunch table where Emma was sitting, playing Candy Crush Saga on her phone.
'Where's Victoria?' I asked her.
'Don't know.' She muttered, focusing on her game.
I saw Massie Lyons sitting on the popular table. She and her friends were glaring at me.
I started to eat my sandwich while Emma was still playing. I reached into my jeans' pocket for my phone. 'Shit!' I muttered, realising that I left my phone on my bed.
'Please stop playing it! I'm bored right now!' I complained.
'Just let me complete this level, and then I'll be on Level 822!' She squealed. 'But still, you can't beat me! I am on 860.' I told her. She chuckled, 'Ha-ha! I will!'
'Hmmm, let's see.'
I took another bite of sandwich as Emma locked her phone and put it aside.
'So? Let's go somewhere!' She said, now her focus was on her noodles. Before I could answer her, I felt something warm being poured on my hair and shoulders. 'Oh my God.' Emma said, putting her hands over her mouth.
'What the---'
As I turned, I saw Massie Lyons, with bowl of Soup in her hands. I glared at her as she laughed evilly. Everyone burst into laughter. I could feel my cheeks burning in embarassment.
'Loser!' Someone said as I ran towards the washroom.
I looked myself in the mirror for a long time, staring at my terrible condition. Emma entered in the washroom as I washed my hair, 'Are you okay?' she asked, with a worried look on her face.
'Fine.' I replied. Although, I managed to clean my hair from soup, there was a big stain on my shirt.
As we left the washroom, I saw Victoria running towards us.
'Hey! Where were you guys?' She asked breathlessly. Then she saw my pale face 'What happened?' She asked me.
'Forget it.' I said. 'Well, okay.' She agreed, and then her face brightened. 'I have a great news for you, Alison' She said. 'What is it?' I asked her. 'Did you guys-----' She stopped and then sniffed. 'Why do I smell Chicken Soup here?' She asked.
'Tell me the great news.' I said, changing the subject.
'Did you guys read the notice board?'
'No. What does it say?' Emma asked.
'Alison you are going to be famous!' Victoria exclaimed.
'What?' I raised my eyebrow. 'What is it?' I asked her, getting curious.
'Adam Levine is coming!' She literally screamed in excitement.

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