Chapter 4: HighSchool - So Typical!

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Emma and Victoria came up to me the next day in School while I was taking out books from my locker. All I love about about School is that I get to meet my friends. Otherwise, I just hate my life.
'Hey guys!' I said, brightly. So, we sat on a bench. Everyone around us was chattering, telling eachother what they did on the weekend. I could also see Massie, with her two friends. Such a perfect life they have!
'So? Are you coming to the Party on Thursday?' I asked both of them.
'Yeah!' Said Victoria, quickly.
'Umm, that dress I bought, it wasn't according to my size.' Said Emma.
Great! Just Teenage things.
'That is why I always tell you to try the dress before buying it!' Said Victoria.
The bell rang and everyone went to the classes to attend their first class.
In the break, I and Emma took our lunch trays, and headed to our table.
'What should I do now? I don't have a dress!' Emma groaned, as we were going to our table. 'I don't know! It's all your fault!' As I said that, I accidently bumped into MASSIE LYONS!
And that is when my soda spilled all over her dress.

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