Chapter 1: Just an ordinary teen.

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'So, what should we wear to the party?' I asked my two best friends, Emma Jones and Victoria Smith.
We had a sleepover at my place.
'Alison, no matter what we wear, we will still be invisible.' said Emma, giving me a knowing look. Yeah, so I am an ordinary girl, Alison Mitchells, who wants to be a FAMOUS SINGER. But this all is impossible. I am the one who always wanted a seat on the 'Popular Table'. I am the one who always wanted to be a part of the popular group.
'Yeah, only Massie Lyons is visible all the time.' Victoria snorted.
Yeah right, Massia Lyons, the 'Queen Supreme' of Shadyside HighSchool, California, is the only one who is visible, and her two so-called friends, Samantha and Zelena. Her favourite hobbie is to torture others.
'She has such a perfect life.' said Emma.
'Guys, can we just stop talking about her?' I said, totally annoyed.

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