Chapter 5: My life is OVER!

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'You will have to pay for this!' Massie yelled.
Everyone around us stopped eating and turned to look at the scene I created.
'It was just an accident!' I told her.
Massie screamed and then stormed off the cafeteria.
Oh no! My life is over, I realized.
Victoria came to us.'What happened?!' She asked. Emma told her everything.
'She is just overreacting.' Said Emma, as we sat on the table.
Apart from other girls in the School, I don't know why I had to bump into MASSIE LYONS, I thought.
'Now she will ruin everything for me.' I said. Tears rolled down my eyes. I still remember, two years ago, back in Year 8, a girl was telling her friend that how much she hates Massie. Somehow, Massie heard the whole conversation, and she bullied that girl so much that she cried for hours in her room and got dark circles under her eyes.
Emma and Victoria tried to comfort me. 'No matter what, we will always be with you through your thick and thins.' Said Victoria. Yeah, I know that, I thought, they are always with me, they always support me. Atleast I have some people in my life who really care for me. Emma smiled at me. 'Now come on. Stop crying,' She said. 'You know you don't look good when you cry.' She added, and we all started laughing.

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