Chapter 16: Today is a Big Day.

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I woke up when it was 6 am. Both, Emma and Victoria were still sleeping.
I was really very scared but excited, too. I was excited because I will get to see Adam Levine - or maybe even sing with him. I was scared because if I'll lose, I know that I won't stop crying for a week!
When we were in Year 6, we had a poetry competition. I was so determined to win because my Poem was simply amazing. But when the host announced the winner's name, I realized that it wasn't my name. At that moment, I managed to hide my tears. When I returned to my home, I burst into tears. I didn't leave my room for 2 days. Even Emma's jokes and Victoria's hugs didn't help.
But this time, I thought, I will win!
I shook both, Emma and Victoria, they didn't wake up, so, I threw a bucket of cold water on both of them. They both woke up with a gasp and started to throw pillows on me. I soon realized that my favourite teddy was all wet.
For 1 hour, we kept on deciding what to wear.
By 7 am, we were all dressed up. That day, I wore a sweater with a purple tank top and light coloured jeans. We even put on some makeup. I soon realized that I looked really good.
We finished our makeup session and we were off to School by 7:40.
As we reached our School, we entered the Auditorium. It was fully packed!
Oh God, my heart sank.
I really wanted to cry now.
'Don't panic, Alison.' Victoria said, squeezing my shoulders.
I nodded.
Then, I glanced towards the whole auditorium. There were curtains, too, to hide the stage this time.
Suddenly, Mr. Sean, the host of the show, came.
'Alison! What are you waiting for? Come to the backstage.' He said, hurriedly.
We all went to the backstage.
I peeped throught the curtains, just to see how the audience looked from the stage.
I started to panic again. It was the same crowd as it was on Friday, but Adam Levine is coming, too.
Speaking of Adam....
'Where is Adam Levine?' I asked Mr. Sean.
'He is on his way,' He said.
I made an 'Oh' face.
'You will be the last one to perform, Alison.' Mr. Sean informed me. 'Get ready and good luck!' He said sincerely.
Oh no. I'm the last one?!
'What is bad in performing at the last?' Emma asked as I groaned.
'I wanted to perform at first so I would be free from this panic.' I told her.
'Don't panic, Alison!' Victoria said. 'Okay, I'll bring you a glass of water, you stay here.'
And then, Emma and Victoria, both left and I kept on peeping through the curtains.
'Oh, you look so scared!'
Someone familiar said from behind me. I turned around to see who it was.
Massie?! Massie Lyons?! Are you kidding me?!
I never knew that Massie would speak like that - to me!
'Um, yeah.' I said.
'Here,' She said, offering me a glass of juice which was in her hand when she came up to me, 'drink it, you will feel better.' She gave me a warm smile.
Are you serious?!
Massie. Massie Lyons is offering me a glass of juice?!
'Thanks,' I said, as I took the glass from her hand.
She gave me a sincere smile. 'Good luck!' She said, and left.
Wow! That is unbelievable, I thought as I drank the juice.
Then, I saw Adam Levine entering the Auditorium. Many hoots and claps followed.
'Let the show begin!' Said Mr. Sean.
Soon afterwards, Emma and Victoria returned.
'Hey!' Emma said. 'You okay?!' She offered me the glass of water.
I then opened my mouth to tell them what just happened when they left, but, no voice came out. I tried again to speak, nope.
There is one thing for sure, I'm dead!

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