Chapter 18: And the day is saved by Victoria!

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'What is she doing?' Emma asked in horror.
I made an 'I don't know' face.
'I bet she has come up with a great idea,' Emma said, 'you know, she is a genius!'
'You,' Mr. Sean said as Victoria was running to the stage, 'are not Alison Mitchells.'
He, like us, had no idea what was going on. All eyes were now on Victoria.
When she came to the stage, she grabbed the mic from Mr. Sean.
'Hello people!' She said breathlessly, 'I know this is all so awkward. But I have an explanation to make.'
There was pin drop silence.
Mr. Sean, who was standing besides Victoria, kept on trying to grab the mic from Victoria.
'Let me speak!' She shouted, then she sighed, 'Mr. Sean, kindly go away.' Mr. Sean reluctantly went away.
Then, Victoria eyed Adam Levine, who also looked confused.
'Please. Let me tell you why Alison, my bestfriend, isn't coming.' She said.
Adam nodded.
Victoria then took a deep breath. 'There is someone, someone who has performed here in front of you. She hates Alison, she envies her, maybe because of her good voice. She gave Alison a glass of juice which contained some-something that caused Alison's voice to cease. And now she is unable to sing infront of you!'
Now I could hear some 'Oh's from the audience.
But how is this gonna help?! I won't get my voice back by telling this all!
'So, I have a video of Alison in this mobile,' Victoria showed the Mobile to everyone, 'in which she is singing.'
And suddenly I recalled that video.
Ohhhh! That video! Oh my God! Victoria you are amazing!
I made a mental note to hug Victoria for 10 minutes when this all gets finished.
'So, if you allow me, Adam, I could show you the video of that last contestant, and I'm quite certain, you'll love it!'
There was a silence for a moment. I could see the Principal saying something in Adam's ear.
'Please.' Victoria pleaded.
Adam won't allow, I thought, not in a million years.
Or if he would, the Principal won't.
But, to my surprise, Adam nodded, indicating a 'Yes'!
'Oh, thank you so much!' Victoria exclaimed.
'Can you, like, show us whatever you are gonna show?!' I heard someone say from the audience.
'Yeah!' Someone else said.
'Yeah, I'm gonna show.' Victoria said.
And then she called someone - I don't know who he was, and that's not important - and gave him the mobile, he took the mobile and went away.
What is happening exactly?!
Suddenly, my video, in which I was singing 'Calling you', appeared on the projector.
I gasped, and so did Emma.
I had no idea how - like, how - Victoria managed to play this on the projector and how did she do everything else.
Well, that didn't matter at that moment.
Slowly, people started to cheer and hoot.
Wow, I thought, they like it!
But that doesn't matter if they like it. I mean, it is important for Adam to like it!
'See?' Emma said with a smile, 'I told you, everything will be fine.'
I smiled back. But, the result, it was still due. Maybe Adam wouldn't like it as much as he did the others.
Adam's face expressions weren't changing. He seemed calm.
Now, there were more whoops and hollers from the audience. I could see Massie's face. She was boiling red with rage.
When the song ended, people started to clap.
'That was great!' Someone said.
'Yeah!' Someone else said, 'She sang so well.'
'Thank you so much.' Victoria said to Adam, 'for watching this.'
And with that, she gave the mic to Mr. Sean, and ran towards us.
I hugged her so tightly.
'You rocked, Victoria,' Emma said in excitement, 'you are a hero!'
Victoria laughed.
I also wanted to say her many things but I couldn't. Too bad.
'I hope she'll win.' Emma said, worriedly.
'She will!' Victoria said, then she turned towards me.
'You will win, Alison. I know that.'
I hope so.
Outside, I could see Adam discussing with the Principal.
Soon afterwards, they called Mr. Sean to tell him the name of the winner.
I felt my heart racing as Mr. Sean came back to the stage.
'So,' he went on, 'I have the name of the winner. But first, I'd like to call the 5 contestants to the stage.'
We all went to the stage.
Adam was looking at me now.
Ouch! Please don't stare like that.
'Girls,' Mr. Sean said, 'you did very well, tonight! But unfortunately there is only one girl chosen.'
Oh really? I didn't know that. Well, thanks for telling!
'So the lucky girl who won this contest and would be singing with Adam Levine is...'
Please don't do this. This feeling is even worse than that of Auditions' day.
'The winner is Alison Mitchells!'
At first I didn't know what he said. Slowly, I came to realize that he said my name. My name.
Everyone cheered and hooted.
Massie stamped her foot in anger and left the stage.
I won!
'Congratulations, Alison! You are the one who will sing with Adam Levine.'
I couldn't believe this.
Then, Adam Levine came to the stage.
'Hi, Alison!' He said in his charming voice.
I just waved to him, of course, I couldn't speak. Winning a singing contest doesn't mean getting your voice back!
'Oh yeah,' he finally realized, 'you can't speak.'
I made a sad face.
'So,' He said, 'here is my card,' he handed the card to me, 'there is an address written over there. You have to come there on next Monday, so we could start our practice for the new song.'
I nodded.
He smiled, 'Okay, see you then.' And with that, he left.
I ran back to my friends. I hugged them both.
'You won!' Emma said.
'I told you she would!' Victoria said.
I just smiled at them.
I finally realized that tears were rolling down my cheeks, but this time, they were the happy ones.
'So,' Emma said, 'when will she get her voice back?'
'I think she will be fine in the morning.' Victoria said.
Oh, thank God!
'Okay so we will come to you by tomorrow.' Emma said. 'And, now the fun will begin!' She said in excitement.
'Yeah! We will hangout.' Victoria said.
I hated the fact that I was unable to speak in this conversation. I just kept on nodding.
And then, Massie came to us. Her face had turned to the colour of molten lava and her eyes flashed bolts of lightning.
'You,' she said to me in a thunderous voice, 'destroyed me. Now wait till I destroy you.'
Now, I didn't care what she said. I got what I wished for. Now I didn't want to destroy my happiness because of her.
I folded my arms across my chest and smiled sweetly at her.
Ugh! Staying quiet is so bad!
'Do whatever you want,' Emma said, 'you still cannot sing with Adam after destroying Alison, love.'
'I'll make you pay!' She shouted on top of her voice.
'Go away, Massie.' Victoria said in irritation.
Her eyes flashed with anger. And then she left without saying a word.
As we all settled in Emma's car, I stared at my School for a moment and smiled.
From now on, Highschool, and everything in my life, will be PERFECT!
And the best things is, I'm no more 'Alison the Bird-brained'!

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