Chapter 14: Saturday night sleepover.

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Next day, I woke up by the screams of Amy.
Ughhhh! I groaned. She must be playing with the neighbours' kids. I made a mental note to kill her afterwards.
I glanced at the clock, it read 11 am.
Now, I was unable to sleep. I decided to sleep the whole weekend but I can never get comfort in the house where Amy is present.
Then, my door opened and Mom entered.
'Oh, you're awake!'
'Okay,' She said, 'so what do you want now?'
'I want an apartment of my own.' I demanded.
She sighed. 'I meant, what do you want for breakfast?'
'Leave breakfast for a while,' I said, 'tell me, when would you guys buy me an apartment?'
'When you are 18.'
'What? You mean I'll have an apartment after 2 Whole Years?! Are you kidding me?'
'No more but's, dress yourself and come downstairs.' And with that, she left the room.
Okay! Fine. I'll manage to live 2 more years over here. I'll survive.
Then I got up from the bed and took a shower. My phone beeped as I was brushing my hair.
It was a message from Victoria:
Hey girl! Are you free today? I thought you and Emma could come over?
To which, I replied:
Yeah sure. :)
Victoria: Great! I'll tell Em, then. And yeah, don't forget to bring your Guitar. ;)
Me: Why Guitar?
Victoria: For practice! You need to practice alot this time, don't get over confident.
Me: Okay, I'll bring it.
Victoria: Be here by 6 pm! Bye. xx
Me: Okay. :)
And then, I went downstairs. I ate my cornflakes and passed the rest of the time by watching 'She's the man'.
By 5:30, I started to get ready. When I was completely ready, I went downstairs. I asked Dad - more like insisted him to drop me at Victoria's place because he was watching his favourite show, which, I swear, is very boring.
When we were about to reach Victoria's house, I realized that I forgot to bring the Guitar. And then we went back to take my Guitar. Dad was very furious because his Show was missed because of me. I told him that my problem was more important than that stupid show.
So, finally, I reached Victoria's place. I rang the doorbell, Victoria opened it.
'Hey! You're late!' She said.
'Sorry. There was a problem, actually.' I said, and then we went upstairs in Victoria's room, where Emma was watching her favourite Tv Series - Revenge.
After some time, I got a message from Massie:
You'll never win. So it's better for you to back off!
I told both, Emma and Victoria about Massie and her threats, they asked me to ignore it.
After some time, we decided that I and Emma should sleep over because we realized that our gossips won't end before Midnight. I called Mom and asked her to permit me for the sleepover.
Guess what?! She agreed! Thankgod!
And then, I started to practice for Monday's performance.
After so much of arguement, it was decided that I would sing 'I'm into you' by Jennifer Lopez. We kept on practicing for 3 hours. I realized that I sang this song much better than the previous one, so I was...kind of....satisfied.
'D-do you really think I should do this?' I asked Emma and Victoria. I knew that I would get a very angry response by Emma, specially.
'Do what?' Emma asked.
Oops! Leave the topic. I did a mistake. I'm dead now.
'This performance, I mean should I really sing in front of Adam?'
'No. You know what? I'll tell you what to do,' Emma said, 'that guitar you're holding? Throw it out of the window! Leave this great opportunity, go to your home and sit there like a Moron! Yeah, that's exactly what you should do!'
There was pause.
'No, I didn't mean to--'
'Alison, why do you always keep on thinking that your voice is so bad?!'
'No! I didn't say that. It just that I'm kind of scared.' I admitted.
'You don't need to be scared, Alison.' Victoria said.
'I swear to God that your voice is amazing.' Emma said.
'Yes!' Victoria said. 'You need to believe us, please!'
'Okay.' I said with a smile. 'I won't say anything like this again.'
'Good!' Emma said. And then I started to sing again. After half an hour, we realized that this was enough for today. And then we gossiped and gossiped and gossiped about everything. Then we ate Chocolates and Ice creams and Pizzas while watching Movies. I was really happy to spend my Saturday with my Besties.
I guess I am very lucky to have such amazing and sincere friends, I thought.

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