Chapter 6: Did I murder anyone?

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That night, I couldn't sleep well. I kept on thinking about what Massie would do to me. Finally when I was able to sleep, thanks to the beep of my Phone that woke me up.
It was a message from an unknown number:
"Honey, your life is over! Just wait and watch how I would make your life miserable. I'll make you suffer."
A chill went down my spine. I knew exactly who it was.
'Morning Dad!' I said to my Dad the next morning. No answer came as he was busy reading the newspaper, 'Good Morning Dad!' I said loudly, with a big smile on my face. 'Good Morning, honey!' He smiled.
'Good Morning!' My mum said, as she entered the kitchen.
'Morning,' I said as I grabbed my School bag.
'Okay Bye, Mom.'
'Leaving without breakfast?' She asked with a frown.
'Not hungry.' I said as I left the house
It was a cold grey morning. The sky above was full of tumultuous, dark and ragged clouds. Thunder roared and lightning flashed across the sky. The howling of the wind frightened me as I took the bus.
'I'm really worried.' I told my friends at School.
'Look, she won't do anything to you.' Said Emma.
'Really?!' I asked her in disbelief. 'How can you say that?' I mean, doesn't she know how evil Massie is?
Just then, Massie entered the hallway with her friends. When she saw me, an angry frown creased her forehead. She stared with eyes filled with anger and hatred that were beyond description.
I sighed. I guess I didn't murder anyone, did I?

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