Chapter 11: You just broke the Love of my Life!

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'WHAT DID YOU DO?' I shouted at them. They all stared at me blankly as if it was no big deal.
I bent to pick my broken Guitar.
I was so upset that I could not stop my tears from streaming down my cheeks.
It was the only thing in this house that meant so much to me.
I glanced towards them.
'You three, OUT!' I demanded, pointing towards the door. 'Get lost!'
They quickly ran away.
Now how am I supposed to Practice?!
2 days. Only 2 days until I had to perform infront of whole School.
Suddenly, I realized that I had saved some of my money in my cupboard. I made a mental note to buy a Guitar after School the next day.
Next day was the same.
All those Teachers scolding.
All those students calling me 'Alison The Bird-brained'.
'So, we are practicing today, right?' Emma asked me. Our class was ended. After putting our books in our lockers, we were making our way towards the Cafeteria.
'Of course,' Victoria answered Emma before I could.
Then she turned towards me.
'You have only one day left!'
'Really?' I asked, being sarcastic.
'Yeah!' Victoria replied, not catching my sarcasm
After grabbing my lunch tray, I was making my way towards the table where Emma and Victoria were already sitting. Suddenly I heard someone calling me.
I turned around to see who was that. And it turned out to be the last person I wanted to talk to.
'Alison! Come here.' It was Massie.
Instead of saying 'You want to talk to me, so you come to me!', I went to her.
God! I'm such a Loser!
'Actually, I forgot my book in the Science lab, bring it.' She said to me.
'I'm not your Servant so--'
'I'm not asking you, I'm ordering you.'
I knew that there was no good in starting a fight with Massie, so I quietly went to the Science lab, grabbed her book and gave it to her.
'Looks like Massie got a servant.' A guy said.
'Alison the bird-brained!'
I sighed. I grabbed my lunch tray and went to the table, ignoring the cackles from behind me.
So, we went to the Auditorium. And we practiced for hours.
We kept on practicing. I kept getting more better with each song.
'Wait, today is Thursday?!' Emma asked us.
We both stared at her.
'Oh I mean! Today is the Disco night!'
Victoria and I gasped.
'I completely forgot.'
'And I forgot to buy a new dress!' Emma said.
'Look, I can't attend this disco night,' I told them, sadly. 'I have to practice at home. You guys can go! Have fun!'
'No way!' They both said simultaneously.
'What?' I said. 'Why are you missing it for me?' They both glared at me.
'I-I mean, you guys should--'
'Listen, pleas--'
'What is wron--'
'Ugh! Okay, fine!'
They burst into laughter, and so did I.
'Okay, so it's time to leave.' Emma said, we all picked our things.
'Not me,' I told them. 'I have detention.'
'Uh-oh!' Victoria said. 'Okay then, we'll be at your house by 8 pm. Is that okay?'
'Yeah! Perfect!' I told them.
Good thing was that I would be home alone by that time. Because Mom, Dad and Amy were going to their Friends' place for Dinner. I refused to go. I told them that I had a Singing contest to practice for.
'Ok bye!' They both hugged me and left.
I went to the hallway, put my books inside my locker. And went to the Detention room.
I slept the whole time. After detention ended, I left School and went to a Store to buy my Guitar. After buying it, I left the store. Outside, the sky had turned into hideous grey as lightning struck and thunder rumbled. Soon there was a heavy downpour. As I had neither a raincoat nor an umberella, I was drenched to the skin.
After reaching home, I took a shower and slipped into some comfortable clothes.
My room was a mess! I had promised Mom to clean my room.
I made a mental note to do it in the evening. Then I jumped on my bed, covered myself in the blanket and slept.
When I woke up, it was 7:45 pm.
'Oh no!'
I reluctantly got up from the bed and started to clean my room.
After cleaning it, I glanced at the clock. It read 8:00.
They'd be here in any minute.
I changed my clothes and then ordered Pizza, because Pizza is Life!
They were still not here.
The house looked quiet calm and good now, because Amy wasn't there.
Then I realized that I didn't open my Guitar. I opened it and started to sing in front of the Mirror.
After a minute or two, the bell rang. I went downstairs and opened the door to greet Victoria and Emma.
'Hey guys!'
'Hey!' They grinned.
Then we went upstairs in my room.
So then we practiced and practiced and practiced. After eating, we practiced. After finishing all the Ice cream that was available in my Freezer, we practiced. We kept on practicing. By 11 pm. Emma and Victoria were on the bed. I shook them. They quickly got up and then we practiced. When the Clock read 12 am, we decided to stop practicing.
Then we all watched 'Once Upon a Time' in my room. We sat on the couches with popcorns in our hands. We were on Episode 4, when I heard Emma and Victoria snoring. I realized that my room looked even worse than before.
Although, I was extremely tired after all the practicing, I refused to sleep and decided to watch Episode 5 because Once upon a time is an addiction. Seriously!
And then I have no idea when I fell asleep without setting my alarm.

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