Chapter 17: I am dead now.

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'What has happened to you?!' Victoria asked me. We all were in a terrible state now.
'Why isn't she speaking?!' Emma asked Victoria. Then she turned towards me, 'What did you do?!'
I can't speak! How can I tell you about the mistake that I just did.
Then, I quickly grabbed Emma's phone, opened her 'Notes', and wrote everything in it that just happened.
After they read it, I could see Emma's face turning red with fury.
'Why did you drink that juice?! You know how bad Massie is!' Victoria shouted.
On the stage, first contestant was performing and everyone was clapping for her.
I was now on a verge of tears.
I couldn't believe what I just did. I couldn't believe that Massie fooled me so easily, when I already knew that she could never be sincere with anyone. This was all my fault. I created this mess. Emma and Victoria helped me so much and I disappointed them.
'What are we supposed to do now?!' Emma asked.
Nobody said a word.
Nothing can happen. Life's over.
And then suddenly, Massie came to us along with her friends.
'How's everything goin'?' She asked me with a smirk.
We all glared at her. 'Oh,' She then said to me, 'I totally forgot that you can't speak.'
'You,' Emma said to her through clenched teeth, 'are never going to win.'
Massie ignored Emma, 'I told you to back off.' And with that, she left.
Why, I thought, is this happening to me?!
I didn't do anything wrong. Then why?!
Now, the second contestant was singing her song.
I wondered how everyone's face expressions would change when, after few minutes, Mr. Sean would call me and I won't be going to the stage.
And then, I ran to the washroom, ignoring the voices of Emma and Victoria as they asked me 'Where are you going?'
In the washroom, I stared at myself in the mirror. My eyes were puffy and red after all the crying.
Then, Emma came.
'Please, Alison. Crying is not the solution.' She told me.
I kept on crying.
Emma sighed.
'Listen, come with me.'
I shook my head.
'Everything will be fine,' She said.
I don't think so.
'Trust me.'
Then, I went back there, hand-in-hand with Emma.
When we went to the backstage, I asked Emma, through actions, of course, to give me her mobile.
She told me that her mobile was with Victoria.
I asked her where was Victoria, she told me that she didn't know.
Now, Mr. Sean was calling the third contestant - which was Massie - to the stage.
When Massie sang, I kept on looking at Adam Levine's face. I wanted to see his reaction after listening Massie's terrible voice. His face expressions didn't change a bit.
I was extremely tensed. I had no idea what was gonna happen next.
But one thing was for sure: I would end up sitting in my room, crying a river.
After Massie finished the song in her terrible voice, the 4th contestant was singing the song.
Oh man.
'Are you okay?' Emma asked me.
After losing this contest for which I practiced for days, yeah I'm all okay.
I nodded.
'Do you want something?' She asked.
Yeah, I want my voice.
I shook my head.
Soon afterwards, the 4th contestant ended her song and now she was leaving the stage.
After some hoots and claps, Mr. Sean came. I peeped through the curtains.
'That was very nice, Emily,' Said Mr. Sean, 'so now I'd like to call the last contestant to the stage: Alison Mitchells!'
Everyone clapped.
My heart was beating 10,000 times per minute.
I am not coming, I'm sorry.
Soon, all the claps finished.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
Emma squeezed my shoulders, trying to comfort me.
'Everything's going to be okay.' She whispered in my ear.
'Alison Mitchells, please come to the stage.'
There was a look of disappointment in everyone's eyes.
'Well, I think Alison does not--'
'Wait!' A familiar voice shouted. 'I have something to tell you, more like, show you!'
And there she was! Victoria Smith, running to the stage.
I gasped.
What is she doing?!

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