Chapter 10: Chaos

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In the World of this place contains Fearsome Creatures... Exotic Creatures... Vast Riches.... Hidden Treasures... Evil enclaves... Unexplored Lands...

The word unknown holds magic, and some incredible people are drawn to that magic, they are known... , as Hunter

(A/N: Leorio number: 403

Kurapika number: 404

Gon number: 405

Rimuru number: 406 )

Back to the MC

Satotz: pay attention now. Be sure to stay close behind me.

And we keep running and after a while.

Kurapika: The Fog is getting thicker

A few moments later

The fog is getting thicker by seconds and

Guy1: alright... this is our chance, we'll take advantage of the fog to get rid of him!

Killua: Gon...

Gon: huh?

Killua: let's move up

Gon: okay. we don't want to lose sight of the Examiner

Killua: I'm more concerned with Increasing the distance between us and Hisoka. Stay to close to him is dangerous. I can smell it on the air.

Gon: smell?

And Gon sniffs

Gon: hmm... I don't think he is. Leorio! Kurapika! Killua Says that we should move up!

(A/N: Rimuru is currently on the Leading Participants)

Killua: hey... can't you feel the tension surrounding us?

Leorio: moron! If I had the strength I'd already be there!

Kurapika: don't worry about us!

Gon: what?

Killua: let's go, Gon...

And Killua Fasten his pace

Gon: ah, wait

And Gon speeds up.

a few minutes, the Fog is getting thicker and thicker by seconds

Kurapika: We can't even tell which way we're going.

Leorio: it's okay. As long as we don't loss sight of the guys ahead of us...

(A/N: red flag)

And as soon as Leorio said that, the Participants ahead of them suddenly fall their heads.

Leorio: what's going on?

A few moments later

A flying Strawberry appears in the distance

Leorio: wh-what?

A Guy ignores it and walks away, but he got caught by Noggin Luggin's Tortoise Mouth

A Guy ignores it and walks away, but he got caught by Noggin Luggin's Tortoise Mouth

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