Midnight Assassin [ Hunter X Hunter ] ( Killua X reader ) COMPLETED ✔ by Midnight-black
Midnight Assassin [ Hunter X Hunte...by Tsuki-chan~
(Y/N) (L/N) the infamous assassin, who can murder the whole Zoldyck members with just a few daggers and her bare hands. No one know her real identity, as she remains as...
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  • killua
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♛ Hunter X Hunter One Shots ♛ by platinumA
♛ Hunter X Hunter One Shots ♛by PLATINUM A
◊◊◊ Requests open ◊◊◊ Oneshots ❤︎
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  • romance
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Love or Hate (YandereKilluaxGon) by kirshyboo
Love or Hate (YandereKilluaxGon)by kirshafelix
After killing his family, he was all alone. No one cared for him. And he had no one to care for. Until one day he met him. With just one look he knew that he had to be h...
  • gonxkillua
  • wattys2018
  • killuazoldyck
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Every Sense But The First |Hisoka X Reader| • Various by Skittle_Biscuits
Every Sense But The First |Hisoka...by Skittles
Highest Rankings - #1 in Chrollolucifer At the rather young age of four, Y/n L/n started tripping, and falling, squinting really hard, and claiming she couldn't see very...
  • hisokaxreader
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Hunter x Hunter Boyfriend by FeiFei17
Hunter x Hunter Boyfriendby The Only FeiFei17
This is a Hunter x Hunter boyfriend scenario, it's just random and hope you'll like it
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『HxH Boyfriend Scenarios』 by _starlight07
『HxH Boyfriend Scenarios』by Suga's wifeu
×Thank you for 80k+ reads and 2k+ votes! I do appreciate it a lot! :))× ❝I don't have a boyfriend but I do have a lot of fictional boyfriends.❞ --- Scenarios of you and...
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Must date the Playboy (Levi x Reader Modern) COMPLETED by FeiFei17
Must date the Playboy (Levi x Read...by The Only FeiFei17
Y/n was dared by her friends to make the Playboy in her school, a.k.a, Levi, to fall in love with her inside three Months and after that, she must break up with him. But...
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She's Mine (Hisoka x Reader x Illumi) by Chrodeus
She's Mine (Hisoka x Reader x Illu...by Chrodeus
"Stop playing me around! im not a toy!"
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Roommates || A Hunter x Hunter Fanfiction by KorinIsANuisance
Roommates || A Hunter x Hunter Fan...by Korin the Absolute Nerd
"You're so inexperienced, I love it! It's almost like playing with a new toy that just came out of the packaging!" "What?" "You've never been pl...
  • kurapika
  • hxh
  • leorio
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Feitan's Little Sister (Killua X Reader) by newaccbye
Feitan's Little Sister (Killua X R...by newaccbye
hA this is such trash why did any of you read this i'm dYing [i do not own Hunter x Hunter] [or any of the characters] [i also don't own the art in the cover]
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hunter x hunter oneshots by kil_zoldyck99
hunter x hunter oneshotsby kil_zoldyck99
Oneshots of you with the hxh characters!
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  • kurapika
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The PLAYBOY (Shalnark x Reader: Modern COMPLETED) by FeiFei17
The PLAYBOY (Shalnark x Reader: Mo...by The Only FeiFei17
Y/n was a nerd and she loves to read a book. She was top of the class but everyone hated her because she was the smartest student at every of her class. Even though she...
  • hunterxhunterfanfic
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Stay by DaeDae261
Stayby Drip
**KILLUGON FANFIC** Its been years since Killua and Gon have seen each other and are now both 17 years old. What will Killua do once he receives a text from Gon out o...
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Cold [Kurapika X Reader] by thaliaagatha
Cold [Kurapika X Reader]by 타 리아
She only want him to smile, He only wants her to disappear. She laughed,he frown. He laughed,she disappear. And now he wants to get her happiness back. <Magic AU! Kur...
  • killua
  • magic
  • gon
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Hard Rain [Chrollo X Reader] by Blubary
Hard Rain [Chrollo X Reader]by Blu
There is more to everyone and everything than meets the eye
  • hunterxhunter
  • killuazoldyck
  • chrollo
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Games (Killua x Reader) by -AnimeLover67-
Games (Killua x Reader)by -GruviaKid67-
Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio and (y/n) are friends in school. School recently ended and vacations are starting now. They start playing different games but with each gam...
  • alternateuniverse
  • modernau
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Depend On Me [Completed] by Gonishere
Depend On Me [Completed]by Gonishere
♣Do these daily experiences strengthen Gon and Killua's friendship? maybe even more?♣ GonxKillua (bunch of drabble) (Art's credit goes to its rightful owner) (Front pag...
  • hxh
  • yaoi
  • fluff
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Another Assassin! (A Hunter x Hunter Fanfic) by tchoesang
Another Assassin! (A Hunter x Hunt...by bonjour
When Chitsu Alrckz was 6 years old, her entire family was murdered by a blacklist Hunter who goes by the name of It. The Alrckz's were the best assassins around putting...
  • girl
  • kurapika
  • killuazoldyck
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Hunter x Hunter x Reader Oneshots by ireadtomuchsnkfanfic
Hunter x Hunter x Reader Oneshotsby ireadtomuchsnkfanfic
A collection of Hunter x Hunter x Reader Oneshots!
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Playing with Cards (Hisoka LEMON) by cryformemysweet
Playing with Cards (Hisoka LEMON)by 죄아름
WARNING R18+ Hot and violent romance with Hisoka.
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  • zoldyck
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