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It has been many many years since the The Tensura Universe was destroyed though to Age, no matter how powerful you are, you will always have a lifespan, but I am different, since I'm a Supreme Deity I don't have a lifespan because my power could be considered Omnipotent

And during those years, Ciel suggested me to Reincarnated in to another Dimension, and it was fun time but after 2000th of Reincarnation, I was bored and I missed those days where I ruled as the King of Jura Tempest Federation, it was pretty fun and so I go back to Tempest again but got bored after 3657th time leap.

Me: this must be how Veldanava feel before he created the Multiverse

《Ciel: Master, why don't you reincarnate again》

Me: Ciel, I'm already bored with that idea

《Ciel: yes, but how about you Reincarnate in a certain Universe》

Me: oh, is it that interesting

《Ciel: yes Master》

Me: alright

And so Rimuru Reincarnate into the World of Hunter X Hunter

the World of Hunter X Hunter this place contains


(A/N: if you watch Hunter x Hunter, then you would know this line)

Fearsome Creatures... Exotic Creatures... Vast Riches.... Hidden Treasures... Evil enclaves... Unexplored Lands...

The word unknown holds magic, and some incredible people are drawn to that magic, they are known as, Hunters


{Classic Hunter X Hunter Music}

I am in Whale Island, the Whale is small but it is peaceful, and I have a little brother, his name is Gon Freecss and when i was 3 years old, the people would say that am very smart and strong and when I was 6 years old, I was able to catch The Legendary Lord of the Lake and only my Father, Ging Freecss was able to the same when he was 12 and the people around here was shocked because I catch the Lord of the Lake when I'm 6.

but they quickly celebrated and my little brother was happy and his been trying to do the same think but I said to only do it when his 12, it was suggested by Ciel and we have a common goal, and that goal is to become Hunter like our Father and find out why he left us in here, I could just ask Ciel and I could know but I don't like spoilers so I didn't ask her, Aunt Mito said that we can only Join the Hunter Exam if we manage to Catch the Lord of the Lake,

and I'm currently watching my Brother catching it.

Meanwhile in the dock

A man who looks 40 said to Mito

(A/N: I watched the anime but they didn't reveal their names however if you know those 2, pls. Comment)

Man1: Gon's still trying to catch the Lord of the Lake?

Mito: huh?

And Mito looks at the man

Mito: y-yes... he's been at it for a week, non-stop

And the man besides the one who spoked Mito, said

Man2: You promised he could take the Hunter Exam if he caught the Lord of the Lake?

And the 40s man spoke again

Man1: idiot, five Adults couldn't manage to reel in that monster, how is a child supposed to catch that beast? Mito-san doesn't want him taking the Hunter Exam.

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