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Zodiac Signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac Signsby WritingDuh
Facts, Scenarios, Descriptions, and many other interesting things about the Zodiac Signs! ❤️ Check out my other zodiac books! Hope you enjoy!! *Creds to original autho...
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MY OC ROLEPLAY by SamoanaGirl101
MY OC ROLEPLAYby Ruler of the Sea
I'm just trying this out soooo.....let's do this!
Song Lyrics by animeislayfu
Song Lyricsby UwU
It's just for fun and have something to do Edit: OMG!!!! THANKS FOR THE 50k Reads huhuhuhu T-T owo ♥♥♥♥ Check out my new song lyrics 2.0 book for more song lyric stuffs
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Only you~ A Billie Eilish Fan Fiction by MyLuciferIsLonelyyy
Only you~ A Billie Eilish Fan MyLuciferIsLonelyyy
warning: Smut-Fluff-Swearing.
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The Gangleader's Princess by MarwaAfzal
The Gangleader's Princessby Xlntgal
She is a 18 year old girl with a troubled past that she is trying hard to forget and he is a Gangleader of the biggest gang in NYC ******** Skylar Williams is a girl t...
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Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios   by aphs-queen
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by Uhhhh
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios. Aaron~ Travis~ Laurance~ Vylad~ Zane~ Garroth~ Dante~ Gene~ Blaze~ Ein~ Kai~ <Made for girls and guys> Vote, comment, and request! ~St...
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Haikyuu snapchat and Instagram by XsnotgirlX
Haikyuu snapchat and Instagramby XOXO
Haikyuu snapchat and Instagram for everybody lets see what they up to!
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FNAF Help Wanted OneShots (Requests Closed) by LizMarieJR
FNAF Help Wanted OneShots ( YinYang
you got a new game and you're excited to play it untill the end... but what happens when things go a bit different than you imagined? REQUESTS CLOSED
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The Rituals Handbook by AraLexy
The Rituals Handbookby 👽
A handbook and guide to all old and new creepy otherworldly rituals. You may read and try at your own risk. If you decide to try, make sure to follow every detail word...
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A Fantasy RolePlay by -Sorceress_Princess-
A Fantasy RolePlayby Princess
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The Sister by _simply-fangirling
The Sisterby gabriela ;)
Arabella Malfoy, the girl who lived, Draco Malfoy's twin sister. Kept away from the magical world for 14 years. She is then brought home to her family and brought into t...
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Check mate OS by Charmedone22
Check mate OSby Charms
Here I am guys with a new OS for all SR couples, but guys, there's a twist🔥 Bashers stay away! It's more for people, who want to have a laugh, it's just for entertainme...
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@ 𝕥𝕒𝕘 𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕠𝕟𝕖 @ by -taeisart
@ 𝕥𝕒𝕘 𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕠𝕟𝕖 @by ˗ˏˋ❝ 𝓣 ❞ˎˊ˗
Love At First Sight by SvShri
Love At First Sightby Bunny Krish
I saw him and smirked. His eyes burned passion and love. I smiled at him. If only he knew i am already a victim of his love. "This has just begun chicku , I have n...
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Animatronic and Human? (All freddys x reader by Musicfan2005
Animatronic and Human? (All Thea sophie
Y/N was a singer at another pizzeria that was called 'Y/N's Fantastic Pizzeria!' But one day she and her gang was thrown away due to one of the members hurting a child. ...
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Life Of Being Garden Leaders by Gnomegirl95
Life Of Being Garden Leadersby Gnomegirl95
This is what happens after Sherlock Gnomes. Gnomeo and Juliet are now leaders of the garden but it isn't as easy as it looks, it comes with big responsibility hop into t...
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fnaf vr oneshots by debunkingnightmare
fnaf vr oneshotsby debunkingnightmarecat
Here's a book filled with oneshots of all charcters in FNAF VR.
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This House Is Full Of Sin~ by inkbrros
This House Is Full Of Sin~by Inky Rose
What am I doing with my life (。﹏。*)
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• how your mother and I met  • ( Funtime Frexy REAL WORLD ) by DragonBotX
• how your mother and I met • ( Some Fuckass cat
Lmao do ya like the pic I took? Pretty much a story on how and if Funtime Freddy and funtime foxy were in the real world. Funtime Freddy's real world name is : Freddy (F...
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The friend I lost by sm1t3s
The friend I lostby sm1t3s
I left her,I betrayed her,and look where that got her in ruins,down..... . . . . 6 feet under "I-I'm sorry l-l-l'm sorry Lucy"
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