Chapter 5: Netero's visit

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In the World of this place contains Fearsome Creatures...  Exotic Creatures... Vast Riches....   Hidden Treasures... Evil enclaves...  Unexplored Lands...

The word unknown holds magic, and some incredible people are drawn to that magic, they are known... , as Hunter


Back to our MC

Leorio: it's totally dark out... "walk 2 hours" she said, it was 2 hours, 2 hours ago! Damn.

They keep walking until they come across a sign

Leorio: another "Beware of Magical Beast" sign, are we ever gona make it to the Exam site,

I'm Hungry! I need to take a dump! I've gotta take a leak

Gon: Leorio!, were leaving you behind!

Kurapika: oh, I see it

Me: (hmmm, there is an Old person Watching us, or should I say, its me his watching)

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Me: (hmmm, there is an Old person Watching us, or should I say, its me his watching)

And I look at that Person

???: this Place is 4km away and yet this boy noticed me, The Youngster, how strong will that boy get in the Future(Ging, you have a Strong Child there, he will definitely surpass you or even me in the Future)

《Me: Ciel, who is that Old Man?》

《Ciel: Master, His name is Isaac Netero, he is the Chairman of Hunter Association, he probably heard about Master and Master joining the Hunter Exam, and he must be curious》

《Me: I see》

Few moments later

*knock* *knock*

Leorio: hello? Anyone home?

Me: (so another test, huh)

Gon: are they out?

And Leorio Opens the Door

Leorio: were coming in

And they were immediately shocked except Me once they saw inside

It was a mess and there is 2 People, a Person is very Injured and while the other is captured by the Magical Beast Kiriko..

Leorio: it's a Magical Beast

Gon: a magical Beast?

Kurapika: a Transforming Magical Beast, the Kiriko! They can take Human Form! That's an Extremely Intelligent creature!

Gon: there's a Woman in his Arm

Leorio: and the Guy on the Floor needs medical attention...

And Kiriko jumped through the Window and Leorio immediately started opening his suitcase to treat the person injury

Person: p-please, please save my wife

Me: Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, there is someone watching us, I need Gon and Kurapika  to save the other person who was captured by the magical Beast, while I pay the one whose watching us a visit

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