Chapter 7: The Start of Phase One

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In the World of this place contains Fearsome Creatures... Exotic Creatures... Vast Riches.... Hidden Treasures... Evil enclaves... Unexplored Lands...

The word unknown holds magic, and some incredible people are drawn to that magic, they are known... , as Hunter

(A/N: Leorio number: 403

Kurapika number: 404

Gon number: 405

Rimuru number: 406 )

Back to our MC.

Leorio: He looks dangerous, that much is for sure.

Tonpa: hmmm, oh, right... A little something to mark our acquaintance. How about it?

Leorio: oh, appr-

Me: the juice is poison

Tonpa: eh... I assured you that it isn't (how does he know when he hasn't even drink it)

Leorio: are you sure of it Rimuru?

Me: yes, I'm sure the Juice is poison...

Tonpa: no no no, you must mistakenly thought it's poison. Plus how can you tell?

Me: because I've heard a friend of mine, there is a Applicant name Tonpa, who is notorious for targeting Rookies.

Tonpa: you're friend must be lying to you.

Me: oho, if it is, then why don't you drink the juice inside.

Tonpa: that's...

Tonpa is sweating hard

Me: you didn't drink it, so I take it as poison.

Kurapika: I see, but how do you know it's poison.

Me: let's just say that I've seen this many many times.

Gon: Big Brother, why don't I try to taste it.

Me: sure

And the juice in Tonpa Hands disappears as I picked it up.

And Tonpa and the other's were shocked was shocked.

Random: fast

And Gon picked the juice in my hands and Gon drinks it and

Gon reaction:

Gon: you are right big brother, this juice is poison

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Gon: you are right big brother, this juice is poison... I've sampled all kinds of mountain grasses and plants. So I can usually taste when something's bad.

Tonpa: r-really? I-i didn't know it was poison. (It's already a shocking that Rimuru can tell the juice is poison in just a glance, although I thought that I can fool the blue Reaper, but it only backfired me)

Tonpa: sorry, it's true that I didn't know, oh and I'll have to go for now, and I'm truly sorry

Leorio: what a talkative person.

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