Chapter 8: the long run

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In the World of this place contains Fearsome Creatures... Exotic Creatures... Vast Riches.... Hidden Treasures... Evil enclaves... Unexplored Lands...

The word unknown holds magic, and some incredible people are drawn to that magic, they are known... , as Hunter

(A/N: Leorio number: 403

Kurapika number: 404

Gon number: 405

Rimuru number: 406 )

Back to our MC.

Two hours has passed since the start of the Exam. The applicants have traveled over thirty kilometers from the start, none of them except Rimuru knows how far they must go, they are forced to run at the Leader's pace, with no goal specified, it's a monotonous course with no end in sight. And many applicants have already dropped out.

Nicolas: Extrapolating from historical data, this Exam type is usually involves a forty-kilometer course. My calculations suggest that, we are nearing the goal...

Leorio is sweating hard from Exhaustion.

Leorio: I underestimate the Hunter Exam. Every person here is a monster, it's a gathering of monsters...

And Leorio saw a white hair Kid using Skateboard and Leorio is pissed because of it.

Leorio: hey! Wait up, Kid!

Me: (he must be Killua Zoldyck)

Killua: hmm?

Leorio: you should show the Hunter Exam some respect!

Killua: what do you mean?

Leorio: why are you using a Skateboard? That's cheating!

Killua: why?

Leorio: why... this is an endurance test!

Gon: no, it isn't

Leorio: Gon, what are you saying?

Gon: the examiner only told us to follow him

Leorio: whose side are you on, eh?

Killua: hey old are you?

Gon: I'm twelve years old

Killua: hmm... (were the same age)

Me: (a new Rivalry, interesting)

And Killua jumps off the Skateboard

Gon: huh?

Killua: guess I'll ran too

Gon: Wow! That was cool!

Killua: I'm Killua

Gon: I'm Gon

Leorio: damn it... making a fool out of me...

Meanwhile, Nicolas is very exhausting and

Nicolas: impossible. It's impossible, my calculations are never wrong! So why... am I going to fail... that's absurd, unthinkable! I won't accept that!

And Nicolas keeps running, a few moments later, he drops his Laptop and still continues to run but, he is very exhaustin right now as he is barely able to walk now.

Amori: hey Rookie

Umori: you're a mess

Imori: it's rare to someone out of steam already, you must be a hell of an incompetence

Umori: people like you are doomed to fail the Hunter Exam.

Amori: so don't comeback, snort rag!

And Nicolas stop running and screams

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