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In the World of this place contains Fearsome Creatures...  Exotic Creatures... Vast Riches....   Hidden Treasures... Evil enclaves...  Unexplored Lands...

The word unknown holds magic, and some incredible people arek drawn to that magic, they are known , as Hunters

(A/N: the reason why there is an intro because the anime always does it, I'm just following their example because before I watch That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime, Hunter x Hunter was my favorite anime)

Chapter 2

{Hunter x Hunter music}

And the people who heard that laugh

Random person1: her?, being best Hunter in the World, and you being 2nd best hunter, don't make me laugh

Random Person2: kids doesn't respect us

Random Person3: every year, there are millions of skilled applicants for the Hunter Exam but only a handful are selected, don't say stuff that you can't back up kid

And they laughed

Me: just ignored them Gon because they  are just idiots

Gon: un

Random person1: who you calling idiots, you may be beautiful but I think you won't even get to the Hunter Exam, let alone the best Hunter, your only good at keeping Men satisfied

Random person2: that's right, so why don't you come to me tonight

Me: unfortunately for you guys, I may look like this but I'm actually a boy

And all of them were dumbfounded because of what I said, and Leorio who is reading manga, stopped reading and look at me with a dumbfounded look, even Kurapika was shocked but quickly regained his composure and looked away

Random person3: as if I could believe you

Gon: what my brother said is true

Me: yes my appearance is like a girl but I'm a boy, and Gon let's explore this ship

Gon: hai

And we walk around until

Crew1: what are you doing Katsuo?

Crew2: at this rate, you'll never make a decent sailor.

And the man whose name is Katsuo tried to get back up to deliver a pack of Apples in the box his carrying, and his fellow crew kicked him and Katsuo falls to the floor

Crew1: Why are you bent over?

And they laughed at him

They are clearly bullying him so I tried to stop him, but the captain of this ship  scold them before I interfere

Captain: hey losers!, don't slack off

Crew1/crew2: a-aye, sir, and they flee

And Gon picked the apple that was dropped during katsuo and bring it to him

Katsou: thanks

And he left while the captain is drinking his booze and

Me: a big storm is coming, get ready Gon

Gon and the captain is confused to why I said that but

The birds were flying over this ship in circles and the birds is panicked

Gon: I see now Rimuru, a Storm is coming

How can both of you tell

Gon: that's what the seagull are saying

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