Chapter 9: The Start of Numere Wetlands

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In the World of this place contains Fearsome Creatures... Exotic Creatures... Vast Riches.... Hidden Treasures... Evil enclaves... Unexplored Lands...

The word unknown holds magic, and some incredible people are drawn to that magic, they are known... , as Hunter

(A/N: Leorio number: 403

Kurapika number: 404

Gon number: 405

Rimuru number: 406 )

Back to the MC

Leorio: sorry, but I have no noble cause.

Kurapika: huh?

Leorio: I'm just after money.

Kurapika: don't lie!

Leorio: I'm not lying!

Kurapika: you really believe you can buy everything with money?

Leorio: you bet! For the right price, you can buy not only treasures, but dreams, hearts, and even people's lives!

Kurapika: take that back, Leorio! If you're insulting the Kurta, I won't forgive you.

Leorio: why? I'm telling the truth, if I had money, my friend wouldn't have died.

Kurapika: ehm.

Leorio looks away

Kurapika: an illness?

Leorio: it was a treatable disease, the problem was that the operation cost a fortune, I was naive! I thought I could become a Doctor... I wanted to cure the kids who have the same disease, and be able to tell them it was free of charge! Then I could have told his parents, too, that was my dream... what a joke. Turns out that to become a doctor, you need even more money! Got it? The World runs on Money... so I want money.

It was at this moment that Gon and Killua catch up to Them

Gon: see you at the Goal, Kurapika.

Killua: Catch you later old timer.

Leorio: I'm not Old! I'm a teenager just like you guys!

And they were shocked

And they were shocked

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Killua: huh?

Gon: no way!


After I Teleported to the Leading Runners, they didn't noticed me but people behind me did

Random: eh...

Random: it's the Blue Reaper.

Random: was he really there In the first place?

And they were gossiping

Hanzo: (oh it's him, wait, how come we didn't noticed him if he's there)

Todo: (I could have sworn this Guy wasn't there a minute ago)

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