CHAPTER 4: The Town's Test

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In the World of this place contains Fearsome Creatures...  Exotic Creatures... Vast Riches....   Hidden Treasures... Evil enclaves...  Unexplored Lands...

The word unknown holds magic, and some incredible people are drawn to that magic, they are known , as Hunter


Back to our MC

Me, Gon, Kurapika,. arrived at Dolle Harbor after wining the Captain's favor, Rimuru, Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio arrived safely at Dolle Harbor.

Me: thanks, Captain, me and Gon had a great time

And Gon nods

Captain: hahahaha, I had fun, too, right as token of my appreciation, I'll give you some advice.

Me: advice?

Me and Gon are curious of what Captain Said

Captain: look.

And the Captain point's his finger to a nearby Hill and in the Hilltop lies a big Tree

Captain: see that Big Cedar Tree on the Hilltop.

Captain: see that Big Cedar Tree on the Hilltop

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Me: uh-huh

Captain: you should make your way there first, it's a shortcut to exam site.

Me: I see, alright, thanks for the tip

Captain: best of luck

Me: Gon, let's go

Gon: okay

And they walk away

Captain: (rest assured Ging, both your Sons has grown into a Respectable young man)

But, someone was eavesdrop on their conversation, however, me and Gon noticed the Man, but i didn't care because he's not a threat to me and Gon.

A Few Moments Later

Leorio: huh, that's strange

Gon: why?

Leorio: because according to the notice I recieved, The Exam is somewhere in Zaban City.

And Leorio points his Finger to the Map

Leorio: right now, were here. That Tree is in the Opposite Direction.

Kurapika: perhaps you two misheard him?

Me: no, me and Gon didn't misheard him Kurapika, He told us to head to toward the cedar tree.

Kurapika: I see

Leorio: and this notice isn't any help!, where, exactly, in Zaban City are we meant to go?

Kurapika: our task is to find the exam site, using  a limited amount of Information, just another test before we'll be allowed to take Hunter Exam.

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