Chapter 1

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*Sasha's POV*

I can't believe the Titans have been defeated! All our lost ones are finally avenged, and Rose is safe!

Though there isn't much people in Rose anymore, due to the amount of damage here, it isn't very safe.

Me and my friends were left, the older ones though had to move to Maria to fix the mess and rebuild houses.

Us eight were the only ones remaining in wall rose (Me, Connie, Jean, Armin, Annie, Isabel, Hange, Petra). The rest took off.

Those six were our neighbors. Jean's house was at our left, Armin and Annie's house was on our right, and the three girls' house was in front.

And yes, I still live with my best friend, Connie Springer. But...I no longer sleep on his couch...I sleep with him on the bed (without any inappropriate stuff).

Sometimes, he heads to the boys for a night out while I'm having a sleepover with my gal pals. They're not as fun as the sleepovers with Connie everyday.

After the prank we did. We've never been closer as best friends. I love him. He's such a loyal, supportive and fun friend.



I startled as I woke up, finding myself hugging Connie, with him doing the same.

Turns out the person hat woke me up was Isabel, and her electrical guitar. She's a natural at that thing, wakes me up every time.

I rubbed my eyes softy, laughing, "Wow... you're really good at that..."

She smiled innocently, "Arigato, my potato kouhai."

I looked at Connie, who apparently did not wake up to that. I poked his face, whispering, "Wake up, sphere-head... It's 12:00pm and you're still asleep..."

"Try kissing him on the cheek, that woke him up once."

I blushed slightly, shaking my head, disagreeing, "No...he's just my friend, not my boyfriend."

She crossed her arms and pouted like a child, "just do it, dude."

I bit my lip, shrugging "fine." I went closer to his face and kissed his cheek. His eyes went wide open as he stood up with a startled temper,

"Who the hell did that?"

Isabel pointed her thumb at me as I blushed red while covering my face embarrassingly,


His eyes shrunk as he slowly formed a smirk, "You did that to wake me up again, eh?"

I removed my hands from my face and slowly nodded. He laughed and playfully punched me on the arm. I laughed hard, asking,

"Is your leg okay now?"

He nodded with a smile, "Yeah. It's no longer broken, thank you very much."

He walked past us, saying, "Now cmon, let's eat brunch."

Me and Isabel said in unison, "Okay."

~~~at lunch time~~~

The three of us slowly are our food. Isabel had to leave after that. Then...someone was knocking on the door, when I opened it, I saw Jean.

He walked past me rudely without a greeting. He shrieked as he stared at the ceiling,


Connie went downstairs to that call, replying sternly, "WHAT!?"

"Hange has a coupon for a restaurant that's due tonight and she can't go cause of her goat experiments..."

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