The end

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Chapter XVI

"Y/N!" Abuela calls you downstairs, you opened the door and went downstairs. "Yes, abuela?" You replied as she smiles and holds your chin, you smile as she said "Your so pretty" you got flustered by the compliment. She lets go, dolores was beside her. "You and Dolores are gonna go to buy some wedding gown" Abuela winks at you and you just smiled, both of you left as dolores have the money to buy the gown.

You were walking as you bump with claudia and a guy beside her, she was going to the opposite way. "Hey! Watch where your.." She said as she looks up and down at you, she smirks as mischief was in here eyes. "Where are you going, brat?" She asked as she crossed her arms and she is looking at you up and down, you smirk and said "Oh, I was gonna buy a WEDDING GOWN for me and camilio." You smiled with your eyes as she gasped dramatically. "Oh, you meant the guy YOU STOLE?" She said as she scoff, "Bingo~" You teased her as she got mad, you gave her a middle finger and walked away. Dolores gave a stare at her and then gave a disgust face, you both arrived to the wedding shop. It was a big shop, since the town gets married a lot, There was a detailed pillar and the ceiling you kept on looking at it since it was pretty and there was a story.

"Hello, Ma'am how may I help you?" The employee asked as she smiles and welcomes you, Dolores speak "We need a wedding gown for her" the employees nod and continue to walk, "Right over here, ma'am." You followed her and went to the platform. She pulls out her measuring tape, and measured you. After she was finished she tried to find the wedding gowns that were in your size, she gave you some examples. "Dolores, tell me if it fits me, or not." You said as you went to the changing room, you changed and went out as you twirl around for her to check your outfit. "Nuh uh." She said, you went back to the changing room and changed.

You've spent couple of hours until you found the perfect wedding gown (It's unique so you gotta imagine the wedding gown, its all up to you) you bought the wedding gown and left, it was getting dark so you both went home. "TIME FOR DINNER!" Dolores shouted as you went downstairs to eat, after finishing.

You went to camilio's room and cuddled and started to talk to each other, you giggled as he talks about you. "You so cute~" he said as he pats your head and strokes your hair, you were laying on his chest, hearing his heart beating. His chin laying on top of your head, as you both fall asleep. "Good night, mi amor."

Next day:
Everything was chaos, it was the time to prepare the wedding day. "Dolores, can you do the zipper? I can't reach.." you said as you struggle to close the back of your gown, she helps you and isabella puts flowers in your dress to be a design. "Thank you isabella." You thank her as she smiles, they were done in preparing the wedding and the seats. Antonio and his friends were the flower guys, and it was time. "It's time." Dolores said as she smiled, you were nervous as you inhaled before walking. You started to walk as people was staring at you, camilio was blushing and smiling as he saw you walking through the alter. You giggled as you finally arrived, you both look at each others eyes. The priest talk, he confessed his feelings and thoughts about you as you also did yours. "You may kiss the bride." The priest said, camilio walks up to you and grab your waist, he took of your veil and looks at your eyes. The gap between you slowly shrinks as you closed your wyes, you felt the butterflies in your stomach as the gap officially closed and you felt your lips pressing against his.

They all celebrate as it started to rain, because of pepa.

The end.


Yup, it is rushed 😭 im sorry if the ending was bad. I will be making another story soon though, it is from genshin impact cuz ive been simping this days thank my FRIEND SWJAJS, I was getting tired of writing this story cuz my feelings for camilio was no more. *sighs*

Anyways bye!

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