Chapter IX

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Chapter IX
You accidentally fell asleep in Antonio's room from how exhausted you were, all the rollercoaster that you were experiencing
and from the long run. Antonio placed a blanket gently to you and a pillow to make sure that you were comfortable, Bruno
and Maribel was just staring at you while smiling softly as you were sleeping peacefully. "They're perfect for each other."
Bruno whispered to Maribel as Maribel nods and agrees. You slowly open your eyes and tried to get use with the light, "Oh-"
You heard as they both left. You rubbed your eyes and check your surroundings. "I slept here?" You thought to yourself as you
fix yourself and fold the blankets. You put the blanket on top of the pillow, and grabbed it as they are stacks. "Where do I put
this?" You asked as you looked around, thinking where did he get those.

An animal went up to you, "Do I give this to you?" You asked as the animal made a noise and nods. You gave it to him as he went and ran up the tree, putting it back where they must be. "I should get going." You said as you fix yourself, they all nod. You got out and slowly shut the door, you look behind you to see Dolores outside and Camilio. Staring at you intensely, you got scared as you shouted. "AAH!" They got suprised and ran to you, they put their finger in their lip and made a "shh" sound  which sounds like their hissing. "Where were you? We were finding you everywhere, you weren't in your house either." They said
in a concerned tone, "I was looking for you guys, as well! I gave up and went with Maribel." You said. "Let's go, somewhere else."
Dolores said as she looks around, "H-huh, Why?" You asked as you were confused and looked as well to see what she was talking
about, they pushed you to Dolores room.

"We have to hide you from, Abuela." She said, but she wasn't sure and comfortable to tell you so she looked at camilio as camilio read her face and understood the situation. He sighs, "Abuela, doesn't like you." He looks at the side, making no eye contact with you. "What's so sad about that? It's normal." You said, you look at both of them. "C-camilio's getting married,with someone else." (I KNOW HE IS UNDERAGE, BUT IT'S JUST FANFIC- CHILE-) Dolores said with a frown, the happy smile that you had slowly fades away. You felt like your heart was getting smashed by a hammer multiple times, getting crushed into pieces and leaving you there to rot, "..." Silence fills the atmosphere as everyone was looking at their own direction. Your head was facing the ground as an aura comes out of you, Camilio was looking at the side and so does Dolores but in another direction. "By who..?" You said, you were trying not to do any eye contact possible. They all looked at each other.

"Well, her name is.."


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