Chapter XII

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Chapter XII

Your sister changed outfits, and went downstairs she saw you and said "Let's go!" She quickly puts on her heels as she grab her back and closed the door. She locks the door and hides it somewhere,
You both went to the Madrigal house. You shout, "I have arrived!" Camilio looks at you from the kitchen as he was confused to see the girl beside you. He pointed to the kitchen and said "They're over here." You replied, "Are they almost done?"  He looks back and quickly said "Yes." You nod and look at your sister as he came back to the kitchen

"What now?" You asked as you don't know what to do cause you both don't have any plan, "Let's just wait until some of them are here." She said as she puts her hand on her hips and waited for them.

You could hear Abuela's voice getting louder and louder, as you could see Alvares Family coming out of the kitchen. "It's very nice to meet you." Abuela said to the family as she look at the doorway and suddenly stops, "Who are you?" Abuela ask as she looks down at you.

"I'm Y/N, this is my sister S/N" (Sister name) You introduce yourself and your sister, as she waves at Abuela. "Y/N, thats you? I didn't know. It's pleasure to meet you S/N" She pats your shoulder and waves your sisters hand as she smiled. "Why are you here?" Abuela asked, you replied politely "I was just waiting for Camilio" You look at Claudia as you could see her silently burst in rage. You tried to hold your laugh or you'll ruin the plan, "I see." Abuela said as she looks around looking for Camilio but he was nowhere to be seen. A guy walks up to you and asked, "Hey, can I have your number?" He asked as he took out his phone from his pockets and turned it on he looks at you and waited for you to respond. "I'm taken, sorry." You said as he was disappointed and thought he had a chance, "Y/N, Camilio is at his room. If you want to meet him, he is there." She said with a smile, Claudia interrupt the conversation and said "Camilio and I are getting married! Why would you like her to talk with Camilio!" She said as she let go of her rage, she was frustrated.

"Don't worry, Claudia. You both will get married in no time." Abuela smiles as she made an excuse, the alvares left the house and waved goodbye. Abuela sigh in relief and said, "Y/N, you have changed so much. What happened?" You replied, "well, my sister taught me about fashion and i started to learn. She also taught me about makeup." Abuela looks around and nod as she said "Darling, can we talk alone?" You look at your sister and gesture her that you'll be alright, both you and Abuela went to the kitchen.

"Would you like to marry, Camilio?" She asked as she prepared tea, "Yes, but I want it to depend on Camilio of who he wants to marry. I want to make sure he is comfortable or we'll have an 'awkward' relationship." You said as she smiled and gave you a cup of tea, she sat down and gesture you to sit down with her. Casita moves the chair to make you sit down properly, "Thank you, casita." You said as the floors creak as a 'your welcome'

"I thought camilio and Claudia are gonna get married." You said as you sip your tea with your pinky out, she nervously said "T-that was just a joke, Claudia likes Camilio. Camilio doesn't like Claudia so I-i have to cut it off." She smiled to make sure nothing was suspicious. "I see, I'll marry him then." You said with a smirk as you put down your cup of tea, "I'll meet you tonight, Ms. L/N" (last name) You nod and left, you went upstairs quickly and thank your sister as she left.

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