Chapter V

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Chapter V

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He was at the corner, covering his face. He was processing and thinking about the sentence "Who do you like?" "Camilio" He
felt butterflies in his stomach, while blushing crazy. You had to leave because it was getting late, "Ah, I have to leave. It's getting
dark, I should go. Bye!" You said as you open the door, camilio wavedgoodbye but he didn't face you. Dolores waved at you,
"Bye, and good night!" She said with a smile.

You went back home and slept.

You were walking outside, you were looking left and right. You were looking for Camilio or Dolores, but then they weren't there
or even outside, even if Camilio shape-shift he would approach you and interact with you. "Where are they? I should ask
their family member." You were now looking for their family member, then you saw maribel. "Aha! Bingo~" You said, you approached
Maribel. "Hey, Maribel!" You said as you waved at her while smiling, so that she won't run away like Dolores did. "Ah, Hi! Y/N!"
She smiled back at you.

"Have you, uh, seen Camilio? or perhaps Dolores?" You asked, you patiently wait for her answer. She hesitate for a while and said
"Hmm, No. I haven't seen them earlier." She said while holding a basket full of items, "Ah, I see..." You said wondering where
they have been, "Anyways, I'm bored. Wanna Hang-out?" You asked hoping that she'll say yes since you were lonely. "Sure! I'd
love to!" She said as her serious face turned into a smile, since she wasn't getting that much attention from others.

"Nice! W-what should we do, though?" You asked with a confused face, really thinking hard about things that you should do.
"I don't know, I was thinking about investigation to find our missing family member." She shrugs, you loved the idea so
you said "Can I go investigate with you?" You asked for her permission to go and investigate her lost family member, since you
have nothing to do and wanting to help.

"Sure!" She smiled as she put the basket on the table, she shook off the dust from her clothes. "Alright! Where should we start?"
You asked with your arms on your hip, with a lot of confidence on your shoulder. She laughed from your position, and replied
"We should ask Luisa first!" You both ran and went to find Luisa on the streets since she always outside helping the village.
"She's gonna be here, somewhere..." You both looked around and saw Luisa carrying the Church, "Over there!" You pointed
at the floating Church. "Aha!" She said as she run towards her, "WAIT FOR ME!" You almost trip on your skirt so you lift up
your a skirt a little and ran with her.

"Luisa!" You both said at the same time, she gently puts the Church down at place but she was ignoring both of you. You
and Maribel looked at each other with a confused ( o-o ) look, so you both went beside to her and said "Luisa~ Heyyyyy"
In an awkward tone. You went to the side of Maribel and whispered to her, "What are we investigating with her, again?"
You asked since you both didn't plan a plan instead just go with flow. "I don't know, let's ask her questions." She said as she
also don't know what she was doing as well, you sigh and did a face palm from how "great" the plan was. "So, Luisa. We
were investigating about how bruno left the Madrigal Family, and we just wanna ask if you know anything." You said,
unsure of her reaction if she was gonna throw a rock at you because you were talking about the name they shouldn't say.

She hesitate and stopped walking, you both almost trip from the sudden stop. "We. Don't. Talk. About. BRUNO." She said
with anger on her voice and on her eyes that was easily noticable, "I-.." You stuttered and was speechless because you were scared
from her reaction since you were only one shot if you get punched. You look at Maribel with a "I'm scared, help me." face,
she understood and then asked Luisa. "Luisa, I went to your room to get my bracelet back at night while you were sleeping.
I have noticed something very odd, and you were sleep talking. I asked you questions and whenever you get nervous your
right eye twitch." Maribel said casually, Luisa replies "I did?" Maribel nods as if it was true. You were watching everything
happened casually.

"Luisa, can you put the donkeys back to their place?" A random guys asked Luisa for help, Luisa replies "Yeah,sure." She then
starts to get the donkey that escaped. She got all but then Mirabel asked something but you didn't hear clearly since you got
distracted by petting the donkey like it was a dog, Luisa started to sing a song.

You were clapping at the side while Luisa was singing, you were getting emotional but you handle your tears forcing them back.

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