Chapter III

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Chapter III
It was tomorrow afternoon, you spent the whole morning in your house. You went outside,you were walking in the streets and you were looking for camilio to hang-out. You peek inside the house and you saw a abuela and camilio at the stairs.

They were talking about something but you can't really hear them, "Eh, they're probably talking about important stuff. I should leave and cone back later." You said to yourself.

You were outside your house, selling apples. Camilio was walking at the road, he looked like he was looking for something. He looked at you and smiled, he ran to you and said "Hey, senorita!" He waved. You replied "Camilio! Hey, what are you doing here?" You asked.

He said," I was gonna ask if you wanna come and hangout." He rub his neck while smiling brightly at you with a big pink spots on his cheeks. "Sure" you chuckle, He let out his hand and looks at you. You blushed while looking at his hands, you hold his hands and you both run.

Everyone was looking at you both, running at the streets while camilio was laughing. You were looking in front of you the whole time but you weren't paying attention, your mind was blank.

You both slowed down as you arrived, camilio waved at Luisa. You just smiled, they all were looking at your intertwined hands.

You both went upstairs, and to the glowing door. He puts his hand gently to the doorknob and opens it, showing his room.

You plop down the bed, "This is very soft, can we switch bed??" You said as you did the snow angel in the big bed. He laughs, "No, I like the bed also."

You both talked a while, you explored his room. He likes reading books, you grab one book. "Ooh~ what's this?" You asked, "NO DON'T!" He tried to stop you but you turned around stopping him. You read the book, "Dear diary, I have fallen in love with a girl. She has brown eyes, long hair.." You read out loud, you were shocked and you were thinking. "I-is this.. me?" You thought to yourself.

"I- uh.." Camilio stuttered but got saved by the bell, " IT'S TIME FOR DINNER!" Maribel shouted. "Y-Yes! We're coming!" You both shouted, both of you were blushing and looking in another direction.

You both ran down the stairs and went to the kitchen, ( you were invited forgot about it- )

You sat down beside camilio since you felt comfortable that way but at your left was Abuela, which made you way nervous. You were eating with the MADRIGAL FAMILY, you couldn't believe it.

Abuela asks, "What is your name?" You respond, "Y/N L/N." She checks you out and nods, "Pepa, can you pass me the cream." Abuela says. Pepa grabs the cream and gave it to you, you passed the cream to her.

Abuela talks to you and asked about your parents, "M-my family? I- uh.." you looked at your side and camilio saw you were nervous and uncomfortable, your hands were shaking.
He holds your hand while eating, it calms you down and you said "They're.. dead." You said while looking at the ground. They all were surprised, and shocked from knowing about what happened to your parents.

"I am so sorry about your lost." She said, you respond "Oh, it's nothing! Heh.." you smiled brightly, Abuela got shocked and said "You have a lovely smile." She saids with a soft tone, "I know right!" Felix said, they all nod. You chuckled from their reaction.

( after eating )

"Thank you so much for inviting me, I have to go. It's getting dark." You waved goodbye, and smiled brightly. They waved back and said "Goodbye Y/N!".

Dolores POV:

I really like Y/N, she is kind and charming. Abuela doesn't seem to like her. I was at my room, doing nothing. I heard Abuela talking with Pepa downstairs, "I don't like Y/N, she destroys the family and how it looks like." She sighs, Pepa wasn't speaking.

I was shocked and went outside my room, I slowly walked to make sure that they won't notice that I heard everything. I opened camilio's door and he asked "H-hey! What are you doing here!" He closed his book and placed his pencil down. He was flustered, "Camilio, you can't believe what I heard!" I said as I closed the door slowly.

"Mhm, continue." He said as he rolls his eyes, I sighed since I dont wanna ruin their relationship. "Abuela, doesn't like Y/N and she doesn't like you being close with her since it ruins our family's look." I whispered to his ears, his reaction was shocked as his soul left earth. I could see that he was hurt.

"I'm sorry.." I left the room.

To be continued

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