Chapter XIV

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Chapter XIV

Your outfit:

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Your outfit:

It was a dark night, you were walking at the side of the street as you were going to the madrigals house. Your heels were making a very clack sound every time you take a step, the wind was making your hair flow making you swipe your hair every time. You have finally reach the house as Abuela was waiting for you at the door way, "Your finally here." Abuela greets you as you smiled and said softly "Hello, Abuela." She smiles as she walks to the kitchen with you.

Abuela sat down as everyone was there, but you look around and you felt someone was missing. "Huh, where's Camilio?" You thought to yourself as you look around but making sure that no one thinks your looking for him, as you saw a male figure walking in. It was Camilio, he was in a suit as he was adjusting his sleeves. You blush from how good looking he was in a suit, as he sat down, he looks at you and smiled. You tried not to do any eye contact with him.

You started to eat while talking to Abuela, everyone was finished eating while Abuela stopped everyone from leaving as she said. "Camilio, don't you have a surprise for Y/N?" You were confused and curious on what was the surprise was, Camilio stood up from his chair as he walks to you and kneel on one knee. He reach out for his pocket as you saw was a tiny case, he opens it as you could see it was a ring. You covered your mouth as you were shock as he goes, "Y/N, will you marry me?" He said with a genuine soft smile. You put out your finger and said, "YES!" You smiled back as he slips the ring into your finger. You hold up your hand to the light as you admire the sparkling ring, everyone clapped and said "Congratulations!" You thank everyone.

You and camilio went to his room, it was kind of awkward but you said "What so we do now, we're engaged?"he starts to think as he said "I guess, begin a relationship." You replied "We haven't confessed to each other yet, we just randomly got married." You said as you plop down to his bed as he was just staring at you.

He agreed as he asked "So you wanna go outside?" You thought of it and said "Sure, why not." You both went outside and lay on the grass as you both look at the sky, the stars was glimmering as it looks very beautiful. "That stars looks like you, mi amor." He said as he pointed out to the brightest star that you could see, you blush as you got flustered from the word he said. You guys were relaxing as you felt water dripping from the sky but you weren't so sure, the rain starts to pour as you stood up covering your head with your hands.

"Where are you going?" Camilio asked as he stood up as well, "Inside! It's pouring!" You said as you tried to ran back in but he stopped you. You got surprised as he said, "Let's play in the rain!" He laughs in joy like a little kid. "Haha, fine" you said as you chuckle, both of you started to run and jump while playing in the rain. Music starts to play while both of you vibe with the rain, you started to dance to the music like this.

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He looks at you as he blushes from how good you were dancing as he grabs your waist, you were facing him with a surprised face as he looks into your eyes. You were looking at his as he started to look at your lips, you blushed and look at the side, he grabs your chin to look at you as he starts to go closer and closer. The gap started to shrink and you slowly close your eyes, as both of you stopped from realizing that you were about to muah muah. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean-" He apologized as he let's go of you and you cut him off "I-it's alright.. heh.." you awkwardly chuckle as he was rubbing his neck. You both couldn't look at  each other eyes. You felt butterflies roaming and flying around your stomach even though it was the same with his.

You both went in as pepa saw you, wet from the rain as she got worried and ran to both of you. "Are you alright, what did you guys do?" She asked as she holds your chin and put her hand to your forehead, "your freezing cold! FELIX!!! GRAB SOME TOWEL!" She screamed as she waited for Felix to go downstairs, you could see Felix coming out of pepa's room with a 2 towel. She grabs a towel and started to dry your hair and put it around you, while Felix was doing it to Camilio. "Thank you, tia pepa." You said as you smiled while holding the towel that was wrapped around you, she smiled back as she went to camilio's  room to get some spare clothes for you to borrow. You changed in camilio's room while he was outside waiting for you to be finished, you comb your hair as you waited outside so that Camilio could change. Pepa hanged your clothes outside as the rain goes away, she went back to her room after you thanked her again. Camilio opens his door and gesture you to come in, you went in.

"I should go back home." You said but then he said, "you can stay here, it's too late for you to go back home. Your also wearing Dolores clothes, you changed with her clothes too." He said as he was laying down. You thought for a while, he said "Are you uncomfortable to sleep with me? I can sleep in the floor if you want too." You replied, "No! No, it's fine. You can sleep with me.." you said as you lay down behind him. The rain starts to get louder and harder, "Ah.. it's raining hard outside." You thought to yourself.

It start to thunder loud, you got scared. You flinch and shake every time you hear a thunder. Camilio start to notice and asked, "Are you alright, mi amor? Are you scared of the thunder?" You declined and said "N-no! AAH!" You screamed as a thunder made you flinch. He scoff and hugged you, "It feels.. warm and comfortable.." you thought to yourself as you wiggle from the comfort. His chin was at your head, it was warm as you slowly drift to sleep.

You woke up, you opened your eyes and look above. You see Camilio staring at you wide away, you realize that he was admiring you while you were asleep. "Good morning, sleepy head~" he said as he kissed your forehead, "I didn't know that you would turn into a softie." You said as you snuggle up in the fluffy blankets, he softly chuckles. "When are we gonna be official?" He asked as he puts his chin up your head, you started to cuddle "You want to be official, now?" You asked. He buries his face into your hair and you could hear him, mumble "mhm.." you laugh from how cute it was as you said "Alright." He celebrated with a "Yay!" Like he was a pet dog.

He stood up but you stopped him by holding his hand, he looks back to see you standing up. "Wait for me!" You said as you held his hand while cuddling his arm, he scoff softly as he opens the door. You both were wearing matching hoodies, as you both went outside. You saw Claudia and Abuela outside, Claudia looks angry. "What's happening over there..?" You thought to yourself as you looked at Camilio confused, but he was confused as well.

"SHE RUINED OUR RELATIONSHIP! WE WERE GETTING MARRIED, BUT YOU CHOSE THAT BRAT?" She screamed in flaming anger, everyone was shocked. "Claudia, calm down." Abuela tried to calm Claudia down, she went up to you and slapped you. You were thinking to slap her back but you force yourself not to, since Abuela was there. Abuela stopped her and said that she should leave this place, Claudia left and Abuela approaches you and place her hand to your cheeks gently. "Are you alright? I'm so sorry about that." She said with a concerned tone, you replied "it's alright, it's nothing." You said with a smile like nothing happened.

You went to the kitchen while Julieta was making breakfast, everyone was sitting down while waiting for julieta serve breakfast. She was finished cooking she serves pancakes, "Thank you, Julieta." You said with a smile as she smiled back. "Your welcome, darling." She said as you dig in with the pancake, she sat down to eat as well. "This is delicious, Tia Julieta!" You said with a smile while you give her a thumbs up, her smile turned bright as she left touch with your smile.


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