Chapter XV

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Chapter XV:

You were wearing Camilo's hoodie, and you were outside to keep your mind fresh by taking a simple  walk across the town. You were simply walking until you stumble across this cute handmade and colorful coin, you picked it up and twist it around to admire the cute coin. It easily made your day, and you want to share what you saw to Camilio.

You were like a child running in the streets, shouting Camilio name like you found some toy. He saw you from a far and smiled brightly, he waves at you as you dangle it so that he can see it even though he can't, he squint his eyes to see until you approached him. You were panting like a dog in front of him, as he said "Are you alright, mi amor?" He asked as he concerned but he chuckled softly. You nod as you showed him the coin that you found, "Look! It's cute, isn't it?" You asked as he took it to see for himself. He looks around and he agrees, "Ooh, it does." He gave it back to you. You went inside as you tried to find Antonio, "ANTONIOOOOOO!!" You shouted as you were trying to find him. He opened his door and replied, "Yes?" He said shyly since you both weren't close.

"I have a gift for you!" You said with a soft smile, he was hiding behind the door not wanting to go outside since he was to shy. You softly chuckle as you approached him and squat down, you put he coin at the ground and push it to him. He saw the coin and picked it up, and then he opens the door wide letting you enter the room. "T-thank you." He mumbles but you could hear it clearly, he was looking at the ground fidgeting the coin. "Your welcome, lil bud." You said as you pat and messed his hair, he finally opens up and smiled.

You were at the edge of the tree, laying down and dangling your leg in the edge. Antonio was braiding your hair since he wanted to so you let him, your eyes was closed but you heard a branch crack and no one was walking since you still felt Antonio's hand at your hair. You opened your right eye to see Camilio laying as well beside you, Antonio felt like to leave you both alone so he did. You both look at each other's eyes while smiling softly, it felt warming and gave you butterfly in your stomach. You both giggle without saying any words, you held hands while talking to each other.

Later on..

You were outside taking another walk since the weather was perfect, but you saw Claudia looking at you. "Ugh, here we go again." You thought to yourself as you know that drama is gonna start, you were right as she approached to you. "What do you want Claudia?" You said, with an attitude but she replied with "I want my man." She said with pure confidence. You scoff while rolling your eyes, she then said "Your ugly, he'll never love you. You'll be lonely, forever!" She said it with pure rage but it hurts your feelings, you were speechless and didn't think about a comeback. She laughed, and left.

You felt sad and drained, you were in your house, laying in bed the whole afternoon. You were thinking about it and crying about it. You heard your door creak open as you sniff and wiped your tears away, "Are you okay, mi amor?" He asked with a sincere concerned tone. You heard the bed got heavy and creak as he sat down at the bed, he was patting your back while you were wrapped with a blanket crying. He then lay down behind you as he hugs you, he said "Tell me what happened,mi amor." You turned around as you cried in his arms.

You explain everything and what happened as he got mad but he didn't show it to you, he was focus in comforting you first. "Darling, your glowing." He sang as he wipes your tears with his right hand, you felt his gentle touch which felt warm, "If you're lonely, then come be lonely with me." He said as he kissed your forehead with a gentle and soft smile. You smiled at him and he said "I love you, mi amor." You replied, "I love you too" you gave him a kiss in the lips leaving him shock.

He blushed as he kisses you back, you then ended up cuddling until you fell in deep sleep. As you slowly drifted away, he sang you a lullaby like you were a kid.

"I love you so much, mi amor. "


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