Chapter VI

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You both were sneaking in the house, "Where is Bruno's room, exactly?" You asked in a whisper so that nobody hears you and maribel sneaking. It's over there, you both were standing at Bruno's door. It wasn't shining and glowing with glowing particles like the other, "Is he dead?" You thought to yourself.

"Are you ready?" Maribel asked, you inhaled and exhaled you did a few jumps while shaking your hand. "I'm ready." You said in confident and brave way, she opened the door as dust and sand flowed through the air.

You tried to hold your cough and sneeze so that you won't alert the others, maribel slowly and gently closes the door so that there won't be a lot of noise. "Phew.." You said as you swipe the sweat that was dripping on the side of your forehead, "Now, this is a risky adventure. Once you got caught, your dead." You said to yourself as you were catching breath from how nervous and scared you were.

Your hands started to shake aggressively, maribel was concerned from how your hands was shaking that hard. She held your hands and look at the sand falling down quickly, "Now, how can we go down from this?" You asked as you see sand falling down and looks like it hurts.

"I don't know, let's go and find out." She said with a smirk, she then run towards the sand all of the sudden. You were shock but you ran as well, you both ran towards the sand thinking that there will be a land if you walk past the sand. You both screamed as you fell down and land at the sand directly in the face. "Ahh.. that hurts.." you said to yourself as you lay at the sand and slowly sliding, you were laying for a long time.

Maribel stood up and swipe off the sand and dust from her skirt, she looks at you staying at that position. "Y-Y/N? Are you alive?! Don't tell me you're dead!" She said with a concerned tone, she ran to you as she flips you over to see if you were alright. "Jesus, is that you..?" You said as you slowly open your eyes seeing maribel with a concerned look.

"Hah.." she sighs as she was in relief after seeing you were alive, "I dont wanna move anymore, go without me." You said as you close your eyes and lay down comfortably at the sand. She grab a handful of sand and aim at your face, she release all the sand on your face as your mouth was open. The sand went in your mouth, your eyes were brightly open and you stood up as you spit all the sand. "AUEGH" You said as you gag from the tiny particles and the taste of the sand, you wipe all the dust from your clothes.

You look at maribel with a grumpy face and attitude, she laughs and look up above. Your reaction turned to confuse as you look up, you both were shock from how deep you both fell down. "How are we not dead if we fell down there-?" You said as you got scared if you were already dead and we're exploring as a ghost. Your anxiety started to build up as you regret going down with her.

She went to the stairs and began to walk, you tried to run to her but it was hard to run at sand. You both were walking at the long stairs as she was sing "We're the family Madrigal~" You were vining with her not knowing how much stairs you've been walking.
"Ooh, were so close!" You exclaim as you point to the exit, you were so happy but then it was a dead end. There was a huge crack, cutting the bridge. "Ugh, now what? We're stuck here now" You said with a frown, maribel started to think and looked around to see on how to get past the broken bridge. She took off the fence on her side and turned it into a rope, she started to swing and made it to the other side. She almost fell as the land that she landed it, cracked and fell down.

Your hand started to get sweaty as you looked down, seeing how scary and deep it is. You took a deep breath and grabbed the rope, you held it tight and swing. "AH!" You screamed as you were swinging with your eyes close. You finally went to the other side, you were panting from how terrifying it was. You started to hear cracks, "Huh? What was tha- AHH!"

To be continued.


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