Chapter X

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Chapter X
"Her name is, Claudia Alvarez's. She lives with a rich family, she is very pretty, intelligent." Dolores said as you were thinking
about how to impress, Abuela."We need a plan to make Abuela impress, by Y/N to save Camilio as well." Dolores said, you all
started to think about it. "Hmm, Dolores. Your actually smart! " you said as you got up from the chair then got out of the

Dolores smiled and waved out, she looks at Camilio with a worried look. "I'm worried about what's gonna happen." Dolores
and Camilio said to each other. You were now back at home, "How can I impress, Abuela..?" You thought to yourself as you
were sitting down thinking about a way. "I guess I should meet Clauida first, then impress Abuela? That should be alright."
You said with a smile as you ready your clothes for the 'meeting claudia' fit


~{ NEXT DAY! }~
You yawned and stretched, as you swipe the curtain aside. The light enters your room, as you sigh from relief. You fix the bed
and ate breakfast. "Hmm, Dolores can hear me from a far. Rrrrrrrrriggggggggght?" You thought to yourself as you tried,
"Dolores? Can you come to my house, if you don't know where it is ask Camilio. Thanks." You said as you waited for a while.

You heard a knock in your door as you grin from how your plan worked, "Hello?" You said as you pull the doorknob, the door
creak open revealing dolores in your doorway. "I didn't know that it worked." You laughed as she of them smiled, "Why do you
need me?" she asked as both of you went to the living room. "When is 'cLaUdiA' gonna visit Camilio?" You asked so that both
that you can be ready and gonna hit her hard in the face (jk), "She is gonna visit, tonight." Dolores said while you were
preparing her some tea. "I see, although how am I able to confront her?" You asked, Dolores hesitate for a while and started
to think. You started to think as well, "I honestly, don't know. It's all up to you buddy." She pats your shoulder as she sips
her tea, finishing her tea. She left as she waves with a squeak, you sigh as you shouted "DOLORES!" she didn't answer and kept
walking as you can see here walking in the road.

"Ugh, What now..?" You thought to yourself not knowing what to do, "I'll wait, I guess." You laugh at yourself since you have
a brilliant plan to do.

At night

Your wearing the outfit, and had a black bag. You see camilio and Claudia outside, Claudia was clinging in Camilio's arm but you
could see in Camilio's expression that he was uncomfortable and not giving claudia any eye contact. (you have sun glasses too)
You walk at Camilio, "Hey, Camilio~!" You said while smirking at him then he started to blush and he smiled. Claudia was
giving you a stare to make you intimidate you, you looked down to make your sun glasses slightly fall while you look up at
her with aura flowing around you. She got scared, and just got irritated "Ugh!" She mumbled but you could hear it.

"Aww, Are you scared~? Is it because I can steal your man, anytime?" You teased with a smirk, (gives me anime bad ass vibes)
She growls at you but you weren't scared. "Pff- was that a growl? Didn't know you were an animal." You said with your arms
crossed still smirking feeling powerful, boys were looking at you while whispering "Woah, she's so hot~" they said while Camilio
was jealous but was proud at the same time. She growls while stomping walking away, "This girl is so annoying!" She shouts.
You laughed and said "You alright, Camilio?" You said but you were still looking at the girl, but Camilio wasn't responding
"Camilio?" You asked as you look at him, he was blushing red to his toes up his head. "Y-yeah?" He said but he was staring at
something blankly, "Are you alright?" you asked as you approach him and put your hand on his forehead, "Your not sick."
You said as you take off your hand from his forehead.

"I-I go-gotta go." Camilio said as he ran inside his house, you were surprised but you just remembered that he has feelings for you.


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